Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I got my bike....hahaha I love it......

LOok what i did MOM!!!!

hi Mom,
ha so the bike. ya I know big chunk right. But hna ward is a bike mechanic and I asked her what I should get that will last me my mission y despues. and she said don't get anything that is from somewhere like walmart. they don't last. and she said that the one that the mission home got a good deal on would last. So I thought since I was blessed with so many people helping with my mission. I wouldn't ask anymore and just suck it up and buy my own. and its here and its cute BUT im going to make it look like its old (plastic wrap and tape) so that it doesn't get stolen ...  cuz I am in Pomona and I probably wont be in a nice area my whole mission. but that's okay! I love it all the same! and then after the mission it will look brand new
This week has been an adventure. so hna ward has not gotten her bike yet so we are walking and using the buses. Lost my tap card earlier in the week. I was pretty made because it had close to $30 dollars on it. Hopefully whoever found it was really needing to go somewhere or was struggling. I really need to stop losing things.. I left the keys in the church last week too. manoman. My poor companion. she has been patient with that stuff.
So the buses are fun. so many weird people.. and GOOD INTERESTED PEOPLE TOO! the prophet was inspired and this change is going to do wonders. you really have to get out of your shell. but I like talking to people so its really fun. and so fun stories. like today. walked to a bus stop to email. ha bus wasn't in service. walked to another bus stop that bus only took us so far and it was pretty far away so we didn't take it. ended up walking about 5 miles to email. man..... and guess what? we get to go back too.... ahahaha but it really is good. so Naty and Jocelyn are preparing for the 6 de octubre entre los confrencias. but Jocelyn might not be completely ready. NATY IS AWESSOME THO! she is going to el Salvador in December and she is asking us to find out the time church is at so she can go for there while she is there for two weeks. she is so awesome. Jocelyn will get there. This will really help her future. well duh it will help everyones. because it is the truth! and we all need it!
I actually bought potatoes this week. and while I was doing it I thought about how pathetic they looked all little and soooo last year :) ive been spoiled. hahaha. keep going strong with MA  you can do it! Im glad there is no busy work. Well we gotta go walk back :( hahahha oh and I have realized all my shoes stink hahaha or my widdle(little) feets aren't use to it. I love you and the church is true every day its truer and truer. I am so privlaged to be a missionary in this time. Love my life. Love being a missionary. Love it here in Pomona and I am so proud of everyone that decides to serve you will never regret it. ITS THE BEST! love you mom have a great week!
Love Hna Quezada

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