Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Canadian money ...WHO KNEw!!!!!!!

Canadian Money!!!!!    who knew!!!!!

ya we have a few meals set. but I dont think enough to make me puke. I have been suuuupppeeerrr full before on my mission and then had another meal right after. that really stinks. But I usually just ask them to take some home so I can eat it later. No I didn't get your other letter either. prolly this week ON THANKSGIVING TOO!!!  Hijole. and it sounds like you guys are just busy as ever. Don't forget to tell me where logan is going. Punch him for me and tell him to write me. That punk. Okay I actually have a few things on my christmas list. scarfs. skirts. tights. cute beanies. but if not thats fine. (PLEASE FIND THIS BOOK ON AMAZON and just address it to me please "Breaking out of Beginners Spanish" by Joseph Keenan)
THIS WEEK HAS BEEN SOOOOOO COLD! (and everyone laughs at us because im from utah and she canada which is way colder. So we have been working freezing and in the rain. hahaha got to love the mission life. So we Have been working really hard and its like up and down But we will start seeing miracles real soon hear. My companions Spanish is getting better. My energy is so high right now I hope she can catch my flame! The Lord is hastening his work in so many ways. I have been hearing about so many miracle stories. And Im sure I will see some big ones real soon.
We actually taught primary and made them think and write down everything they are grateful for. I did it myself and I really have too many things. 
I really wanted to thank you for the support. (And can you tell papa I got the letter and thanks and Im writing soon. ) but thanks for teaching me what I needed to know to be somewhat prepared. I still am not prepared but I have the desire and that carries me through and I try to prepare like the savior would so I can better everyday and improve the work everywhere I go!
We are finding a ton of people on the bus! I love the buses. and I really got a lot of comfort from hel 10:4 and 5 this week. (replace your name where nefi's is) The mission shapes people. I see changes in me everyday so that I can help these sweet people here. They all need this gospel so it just rips me apart when they reject our message. They are rejecting our Savior. and it really stinks. But with every 2 no's there is a yes! which makes missionary work soooo exciting! Transfers are coming and im getting nervous again. :(
I ALMOST FORGOT!!!!! WE STARTED TEACHING NATY"S HUSBAND! it was amazing. So he walked in and I was all like "Hermano! Tengo una pregunta." "a ver" "vamos a ensenar su familia y quieramos ensenarle tambien, despues la comidad." "okay" "regresara en 15" "si" WHAT! okay so I was fully prepared to go and knock on his door if he didnt come back in 15. BUT HE DID! he had questions and wants to listen. He told us that he knew this wont be easy for him but he is willing to try! Amazing! I am so happy for this family. He will be baptized and they will be sealed! awww I just love being a missionary!
HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!  I love and miss you all.
p.s. oh and we played ultimate today. it reminded me of the good old days.   love you ....Hermana Quezada

Monday, November 18, 2013


well since my brothers love me wayyyy more then my mom I will love to write to my bros this week and I've got a few stories that will make you laugh!

 well first off ces sorry your sick. but you look awesome in your play and kiki eat your veggies and you will beat him next time! and hons I'm looking for a poncho but I'm falling short this isn't Texas right on the boarder of Mexico:( sorry but I'm looking Pomona is the worst place to shop as well because there is nothing here:(

But this week has been good. We have a charge to do 5 things everyday
#1 10 testifying contacts every day (the first one within the first 10 mins after leaving our apt)
#2 ask referrals from everyone
#3 don't wait for the ward to fill your planner
#4 end EVERY conversation with your purpose in mind
#5 teach a lesson everyday
SOOOOOOOO missionary work has become a lot more exciting because we really are talking to so many more people. and its really easy when we ride the buses. But first funny story:

We were talking to an Islamic man and he went on about how we should use the word G.O.D. because it limits the powers. We talk to him for about 20 min and then when we were walking away he yells. "may God bless you" WAAAAAAAA I could not stop laughing after all that he ended up using it himself. Habit or coincidence? hahahaha it was really funny.

And I met a man from EGYPT! cool huh. yes lots of these people that we have been talking to don't speak Spanish but hey its all the same work!
Some nasty guy from Mexico stroked my face and could stop saying guapa que guapa. BLECKKK nasty Every time I think about it makes me want to throw up. Even worse we have a lesson with him tonight. Don't worry we are taking the elders with us.

So I actually had a really cool experience this week and my knowledge and testimony of the prophets seers and revelators and of the BOM has grown. I was feeling kinda down and not real sure on how I could better the area here and what I was missing. What I wasn't doing or what I needed to do better. It took a few days to figure it out because I felt like we were working in SSSSLLLOOOWWW MMOOOTTTIIIOOONNN. So what do you do... pray pray pray I prayed so much pleaded and prayed some more and one day in personal study I really was hit strong I was reading in Helaman and I was reminded of how I need to have patience. and then I was studying the talk given by Uchtdorf during the priesthood session. and here is something that hit me. "no matter how many times you have slipped or fallen RISE UP! your destiny is a glorious one. STAND TALL! and walk in the light of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. YOU ARE STRONGER THAN YOU REALIZE! you are more capable then you imagine. YOU CAN DO IT NOW!" and then I was reminded of the 5 new things we are suppose to be doing. and I was not doing them fully. So right then I decided to work harder and do it! no matter how many lessons apt. We needed to testify to  AT LEAST 10 people because how are we going to find the prepared with out testifying to everyone. and once we started doing it. It has changed. the attitude and the faith and desire is stronger then ever. I really cant describe to you how much I have been impacted by this experience. but I know we will baptize in December!
A mom asked me the other day about you guys and if you are preparing for missions and when I told her yes. She had a desire to be a better mom so she can help prepare her 8 year old son for his own mission. I love you guys so much and I hope all is well. This church is so true and time is so short we need to do everything to be prepared and as well to help prepare others. I know you can help us out so please pray for missionary experiences. pray for the missionaries by name and who they are teaching by name. and invite someone to an activity in or out of the home. easy you guys have the social part of missionary work. the missionaries have the spiritual side! help us out go to work! bring others unto Christ! con todo de mi corazon, Hna Quezada
Tell mom I'm mad at her for not writing me. Even cez "wrote" me when he was sick. :) its okay I guess I forgive you

(PS if anyone knows me I did write.....Could you imagine ME not writing JUSTINA.....talk about torture.....just saying.hahaha)

last week email Nov 11, 2013
Sorry everyone had a pretty slow week. Thats too bad. That stinks about Alecc but he has always had bad teeth? is it a good story at least?? back flip? walking down stairs on his hands?? And I wish so bad I could go to cesars play. Please please please take videos! I would love to see it later.. like after my mission. And camp sounds fun! me and my comp were just talking about girls camp. super fun. good times. and im sure you are doing fine in the MA class mom you have way more on your plate then I did. Mom. work. mom. school. mom. being a mom is a job on its own and you are dong school and work. give yourself some more credit.
So this week was good. We had a bomb zone meeting. With our new zone leaders and man I was pumped. The spirit was so strong and it fired me up. Not that I was loosing flame but an extra boost. And we are trying to figure out how to find more so that we can have baptisms monthly and weekly. We really need to step our game for this hastening. and I am trying my very hardest. But there is always room to grow and improve. So lets start growing!
So here is a funny story for you. so the elders had a baptism last night. And we were all at a meeting at 8 that morning. "hermanas can you help us with our program" "you havent made the program yet??? ya we can help" so we make there program for them. (ends up that the name was spelled wrong. shocker i spelled something wrong. but hey i asked them if it was all right) so we had the impression that the baptism was at 6 right so our Distric leader calls us at 4:30 and asks us to fill the font up because the zone leaders we were running late.. and we were informed that the baptism started at 5. This font takes 1 to 2 hours to fill up. So we get there as soon as we can and start filling it. people start showing up. still no ZL's and we start doing pitchers of water. and buckets, pots the fridge drawers. and then we went to garbage cans to fill up this font. Oh my goodness talk about some stress. After about 5 garbage cans dumbed into this never ending font. it was filled. cold because there was no hot water left but a two hour font turned into a 45 min filling. The ZL's barly made it to there baptism. Man we saved them so bad. it is really funny now but at the time. man oh man. But she got baptised and even if the water was cold. her son got to do it and it was truly special. I love being a missionary. 
Im glad everyone likes the blog. I dont feel like I write profound things but I do love the work and I wouldnt trade anything for it! favorite scripture... dont really have one right now they are all good. just got done with alma in my personal reading and those stories are intense. my love for the scriptures has increased so much. I wish I had an hour just to read the book of mormon and then another hour to study for my investigators. HA. I'll do it when I get home I guess. 
I hope all is well and we are so blessed to have this gospel. there are so many people who are lost and confused in this world and we have the truth and the knowledge. so no we must continue and really endure to the end! and we can! I love you and I hope you have a good week!
Con amor, Hermana Quezada
Ps: thanks papa for the package
Pss christmas long skirts that are cute and strechy 
PSSS JOCELYN WAS CONFIRMED!!!!! and this is what she said "I feel it. I really feel it" WOOP WOOP

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Jocelyn GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!! i love that girl......

Jocelyn Baptism.....

This week was an adventure. So we had a lesson with Jocelyn and Naty about the importance of baptism. And we had a really good lesson with jocelyn earlier on feeling ready and forgiven and she felt it and had a strong desire to be baptized. That desire didn't go away and with conviction she told us again this last monday that she wanted to and after that Naty gave her the permission because Naty didnt want her just to get baptized and then not follow through after. So this week has been preparations. And It has been a lot of fun. (BESIDES THE FACT I WAS SICK ALL WEEK). She is so awesome. Really when she went into the water she came out a new person. And You could see all the burden guild sins, she left them behind in the water. She texted us last night. and said thank you and that she felt great! I am sooooo happy for her. I will be even more happy when she gets married in the temple because that is the direction she should be going. I love being a misisonary:)
so hna minchin is from Canada 26. She loves being a missionary. and a big heart. I think she talks more then me:) but not in the lessons really. She is struggling with spanish. She has made me realize that I know a lot more then I think and I really have to listen and pay close attention to all the lessons. its kinda hard becasue if im off my game... we are lost. 
thats not my plaque haha its 2n22:2 but that's a good scripture. and im glad he is having fun in his senior year. the pics are all so cute! and I am so glad that they had that lesson on prayer and that you recognized that finding them was an answer to the prayer. You guys sound really good! sorry if I didnt answer all the questions. But I love you and as I am here I realize how important the gospel is and how sad it is when we reject and choose other paths. I am learning so much while being here and there is so much more to learn. The church is so true! and no matter what problem we can overcome. and find joy at the end everytime. 
laugh it off. Have fun. Have a great week! xoxox
Con amor, Hermana Quezada
trying to send pics its kinda a struggle today and I didnt have my camera for the baptism.. I was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sad:( that doesnt even describe how sad I was (we were almost late for it because I threw up in result of my fasting:( so sad) but comps got it. and hna ward came back. it was good to see her she is having a hard time in her new area:(