Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Lord works in many ways...... these peeps

 And transfers are on Monday. We find our Saturday. We are kinda nervous because we love our district but most of us have been here for two so there has got to be some changes... But change is good. It's all about progression. 

So here a few things that happened this week.
Pday was a blast. I love my district. I can truly trust them through in through. We played half soccer and also we were nerdy for a bit and played 20 questions on people in the Book of Mormon. It was awesome. Surprisingly I really liked the 20 question game and Hna Davis and I play it a lot now. Good pass time. 
And the Noche de hogar was super successful so many members were there we were thinking probably over.... definitely more than 70.. It is really cool because a lot of members Brought nonmember friends. We're pretty excited! it was crazy because last minute hermano Lopez told us he was going to be late. So Hna and I  had had to give the spiritual thought that we only had notice of 30 minutes before. It went well. Members helped a lot with their testimonies. We wanted to motivate them so we showed a quick video and Shared testimonies and how we know that this work is important. Is it so important! then we had an activity and tons of food. When I say tons of food I mean tons of food. I love this ward they are awesome.

We found four new investigators it's so cool how you can find people by just looking for someone else or just asking straight up if they want to listen. The Lord works in many ways. He's very efficient we will be doing one thing and then another thing pops up and as we strive to become better missionaries and use all the tools that we have, we find we teach and we are going to baptize many. The first part of the fast worked with the rain and now are ready for the baptisms. 

We also had a few lessons with Alejandra. We were kind of nervous going because we didn't know what happened this past weekend. She didn't show up to church :( We go in there and she looked happier than ever. She had been reading the book of Mormon and she even asked how church was. When we asked her later in the lesson if she knew the church was true she went back to the book of Mormon and how she knew it was true. She didn't exactly say that. But she related it that they were the words of Jesus Christ given to these people. You can see her testimony growing her faith increasing. It's really exciting to help people enter into the waters of baptism. She really has a desire for her children to do the same. So we will start working with them soon. We need her help though and she can help us do it. Missionary work is the best. You see a ton of miracles and you're the first hands and eyes on the scene. It's fun and exciting. 

So guess what. I have two hands again! I had a doc apt and they said I could take the brace off. So the wrist/hand is pretty sore. But I'm glad I can help again. 
 But we keep going. Keep pushing. We do his will and no one else's. I love it! Thanks for all the support and love. Xoxox

Hermana Quezada