Saturday, September 21, 2013


Naty and Jocelyn at the temple

Oh my heavens. be careful. and the little extra money for the tires would be worth your life. Serious. and that story:( cried just a bit. BE SAFE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!! con quidado. enserio so actually the bike situation is covered. the mission is getting really good bikes for whole sale so I'll just get one over here. its about $220. my companion hna ward is a bike mechanic and she said that this bike will last better for me. so ya I'll just use my card and get it all taken care of over here. thanks for looking tho. I'll have to find a basket still but thats okay.
So transfers came and gone and hna ward and I are still together in Pomona and we are pretty happy about that because we are going to have a lot of success in this transfer. we are moving to our new apartment today and we are on foot! so we had the opportunity to go to the LA temple with Naty and Jocelyn this week. we are still working with jocelyn she feels as if its right but she doesn't feel ready. but Naty her mom recieved her answer at the temple and wants to get baptized. SUPER AWESOME! we are way excited! I love the temple like always it is amazing and the sisters that gave us a tour were right on and an answer to our prayers. 
Ward Activity Love these ladies!!!!!!
We had a pretty tough time with finding this week but! we had a activity with the ward and it was all about all of the different counties. and we had two investigatorTs there (Naty cooked food from guatemala) and we had 4 less actives come! it was incredible! they all had a great time too. I really got scared that I was leaving Pomona but the Lord knows my heart and it would have broke if I had to leave. So aqui estoy otra ves a tratar que invite otra a venir a Cristo. I was reading in alma 5:40 today. Pretty awesome nomatter what we do he will always be calling for us. so dont turn your back on him so you can be the one helping with the gathering of his sheep. I love being a missionary and nomatter how hard/crazy it gets. We just laugh it off and work harder! 
I love you all and thanks for the letters. always a treat! oh mascara please! not waterproof. xoxoxoxo all my love. oh and my comp in the mtc just got sent to napa. crazy right? I told her to look for a Quezada Market. hahaha and Megan March youll be amazing .....sweeeet. and Amee let me know as soon as you can Im super stoked for you:)
I love you. 
Ps. Tell the ward thanks for all their love and support. Best ward ever.
Love, Hermana Quezada

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