Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sorry 2 weeks in one blog.....Justinas Mom is sooooo slowwwww.....

Sounds like you all had a great week. Sounds really fun. So guess what. Do you 

remember my companion Hna crawley that was waiting for her visa to Argentina. And kelsi Jensen from high school. They totally went on exchanges in Argentina! So crazy. Talk about a small world! 
    But this week was awesome we found 7 new investigators had tonnnns of lessons and almost died because of the heat. It was so hot and when I'm sitting in a lesson and I can taste dry salt sweat on my face it's too hot. Not healthy to ride a bike so much in that kind of heat. That lasted a few days and now it's normal. Thank goodness too. Poor Alecc in that Texan heat. I'm sure he got use to it. Naty gave us frozen chocolate cover strawberries and bananas and I had to go for a smoothie run. Hijole! We almost got killed by multiple dogs yesterday. Story one:opened fence and dog came out of no where and pounced by we were on our game and slammed the fence. Could have sworn it had rabies and was possessed by satan. Story two:ever dog we walked by scared us tried to jump the fence and just barked hysterically. Story three: two people were talking and and we walked by them and one of there dogs went right for my foot. The owner was really quick to pull the leash back but that was a close one because my foot was all wet from the dogs mouth...... My comp and I walk away quickly and she says "I hate dogs". I have grown a fear for dogs on my mission too. They are evil over here and satan is working through them. 
Maggie is getting baptized next week. Poor thing she is loosing hope with her dialysis. But she wants baptism. And lots of our other investigators want it too. It is amazing that the covenant of baptism can really start the pathway to eternal life. These people are aching for it.
We also met a less active family this week that I just fell in love with there are eight children only met 5 but there is a 17 yr old boy a 14 yr old and a 7 yr old. And let me tell you that it made me miss you guys. Juana the mom was wishing that her kids were little again and that it could be the way it use to be, she cried like you too mom. and I felt like I could relate to them so well. My heart is with this family and you can see the difference they feel by not going to church. But they will go! And they will become active and be a forever family like mine! 
Anyone that reads this, I would like to just say that the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the only true church on the earth today. And if you want true happiness this where you will find it. And if you have found it never leave it. Not even for a moment.
I love you so much and have a good pascua or Easter! Xoxox
Love Hna Quezada 

Looks like you had a good Easter. The pictures are cute. And about Jarod! That's awesome. That made my whole week. Have him write me. And boys. Your lame for not painting eggs with mom. Don't make her cry anymore. I'll do it next year with you! 

What a week. Well I should say what a weekend. Lots happened and it was...
so after getting ready Saturday morning we hopped on a bus at 8:30 to go have breakfast with our investigators. Have you ever had eggs, bacon, beans and salsa all mixed together. It's bomb. I was really impressed. They are really starting to like us. It's interesting because this couple was kinda a miracle they were the ones that the wife told us not to come back but then her husband invited us to come back and made his wife listen too. They are really sweet and the spirit is really working with them. She becomes more open every time we teach or we see her. I think the breaker was when she found out that we are apart from our families for so long. We sang for them too and they really liked it. We then get on another bus to go all away to our church building for the primary Easter activity (which is super far btw). That was really enjoyable. And we had a lot of non members there. I got to do lots of face painting and hide all the eggs. 
The sad part about this weekend was that Maggie had to push her date back for something that she did. Satan really works on these sweet people that are trying to better and improve their lives. The disappointment I felt was indescribable. My heart physically hurt. Not even a good game of soccer cheered me up. I was really bummed. I can't even imagine how Heavenly Father feels when his children break the commandments after knowing them and knowing that they shouldn't. BUT the good thing about not being able to talk to your mom when you want to is that you have to and get to rely and talk to your Heavenly Father. He listened to me that night. Just let me talk and get it all out. And Maggie is getting baptized still we just have to work with her a little bit longer. And she came to church yesterday with her sister and almost to be brother in law who are also getting baptized here shortly. If I love gods children this much then it's amazing on how much he loves us. Each one of us! 
But speaking about church. We had so many investigators there. Two families. 7 people. On Sunday morning we went to the Sandoval family and knocked... Silent. Called. No answer. Booo. But don't lose the faith. 8:15 am we are in front of there house they are our ride to church and they aren't even up. BUT they called back. Said they would be ready in 20 min. Ha! that's funny. So we come back after 20 min and nope not even close to ready so we help we try to get some order to all the craziness. Crazy hair, tired faces, some empty bellies, but hey they got there. We left the 2 teenage boys because they wouldn't get up. But we all packed into the car and off we went. And since it was easter(that shouldn't be an excuse) the chapel was packed! And there were lots of treats and lots of people to greet and make them feel welcomed. I think they really liked it. Things we get to do on the mission. Priceless
Okay and for the big finally, even though Maggie didn't get baptized some did. Remember 6 months ago when I was teaching naty and Jocelyn and they got baptized. And natys husband would never listen. Well I moved to Covina and so did they. But into the elders area. I was on the elders pretty consistently to go and teach them. And well after a few months Marco (dad)and Josue (son)made a covenant with god yesterday. This moment was something that a will never forget and the fact that I got to watch the whole thing from begging to end. That made it one of the best moments on my mission. Marcos smile when he came out of the water. Is something I will never forget. His testimony about the whole process. Their vision of getting sealed in the temple. Jocelyn being very emotional because it rekindled her fire and reminded her on why she got baptized! I wish I could have given him a big hug! After the mission. In a year from next week. I will be in the LA temple watching a sealing and probably have an even more rewarding feeling then I have right now. This is what missionary work is about. This is why we serve missions. So that families can be together forever! I love them so much and I love this gospel. And being a missionary makes me feel
joy. But I will do it! And I love it. The church is true. I hope you have a good week go find someone that needs the gospel each day. Member or not. Pray for it and it will happen. Xoxox
Love, Hna Quezada

Monday, April 7, 2014

my challege is to read the BOOK OF MORMON by July 1st with me.......

thats my name thats my name thats my NAME

 And I got my nails done. I have an acrylic with a hello kitty bling bling. These nails have some serious need to get use to. So the reason I have them is because we have been trying to teach this one girl ffffoooorrrreeevvvveeerrrrr but she is always busy. So she said. So she needed to practice on someone's nails. So I let her do mine and it was perfect! I got to talk to her and Hna crow got to talk to her boyfriend Guillermo. And we had no idea how much that was going to help. We came back the next day to teach her sister but she wasn't there so we taught them instead. Before we even started Connie goes. "Guess what? He read in the bom last night." The verse he read was an answer to his prayer! Alma 42:30 they pretty much have a testimony of the bom. We taught the restoration. By the end of the lesson they were both in tears. It's amazing how God prepares people. So I was prompted strongly to give them a date.... The 27th... Of April.. And they accepted. Which means. WE ARE HAVING A WEDDING! I love the, so much and we have really been showing them the vision of getting married in the temple. Love it! They are so ready. 

hello kitty ......what else.....

my favorite place

Your little joke was cute. BUT I'm too smart to fall for it. But if it was true I probably would have cried.... Meanies 
ummmmm gooooood
Slack lining w/ the elders on Pday
yes that is me!!!!!
All I can say about this week was wow. It was so fun. So crazy. So awesome. GENIAL! So on Tuesday we had the privilege of going to the temple again. But this time it was with all the leaders and president and sister becerra. (So all the sister trainer leaders and zls) and waking up at 3 was worth it. Kinda reminded me of the good old days in high school when I would leave the house at 5 to go to the temple every Tuesday. But the temple was great. There was a moment I was sitting there and I closed my eyes and there was complete silence. Complete peace. And I was testified to again that this is the true church and that god loves us so much. I was such in peace there and wanted to go home just so I could practically live in the temple. But once again the work is too important. But it was really neat we had a devotional with the temple president and he truly opened my eyes to some new things. We could ask his questions about anything! It was awesome. That is an experience that I will never forget and one of the most memorable experiences on my mission.
Okay kinda a funny story. Sweet Hna crow gave our new investigator Juan a hug. Habits die hard. We walked out of there laughing. Whoops mission probs. 
okay so Marco. Natys husband Jocelyn's dad (my recent converts) totally getting baptized! Probably next week. It has been so fun watching there progress. And in a year I will get to come back to see them sealed in the temple! So awesome! He got a blessing to stop drinking coffee and he wanted to test God so he bought a beer and went to his room and opened it. Put it to his lips and a force came over him. So he dumped it down the sink. THE CHURCH IS TRUE! GOD IS THERE! Super awesome. I'm so excited for them! 
So conference was good. It was really good to see all the peeps from Pomona. I love them. Favs were monson. Holland. Ballard(get a preach my gospel and study it). Bednar. And linda s Reeves (you should go back and read that one. It was soooooo good) I learned a lot like always but I know I can learn more. Just like king Benjamin in the book of mosiah we must read it again and study the words. Because they are truly from God. So it would be foolish if we don't. Oh and our mission is reading the whole bom before July 1 for our new mission president Villanueva. You should do it to. And did you hear? President Becerra got called as an area 70 we allll freaked out. He is going to do great. He will probably be the prophet in a about 30 years. But over here the mission is great love it like always. And I'm strengthened daily for what I know and what I learn. It isn't my work but it is his. So I will do all I can do be his instrument for the rest of my life and forever after.
Have a great week! Loves
Hna Quezada 

Thursday, April 3, 2014


Love my Mission..........and everyone in it....
K let me lead into this all of Justinas bro's wrote her and told her all about Alecc getting engaged and even her MOM said a few things too..... we thought we were so clever...and this was her response. ahhahahahahaah (no Alecc is not engaged)

Nice try. I don't believe any of you for one second. I probably would have believed it if Alecc led up to it a bit. But I know that he has no girl in his life so HA! Good one though. That's mean you guys. I almost cried and then laughed because it's not true. Rude. I'm mad at you all. I'm thinking about not writing a letter. But I'm trying to be like Christ and forgive and move on and teach more and love more. So you are lucky this time.
So about my little week it's gone good. Maggie will either be baptized this week or the next. She came to church yesterday. And her sister(potential investigator) is going to give us manicures and pedicures. Be jealous. Ha she is asking us to do it for a service to her. Okay guess we can't say no to that one. Shucks. 
And we taught the youth yesterday the new curriculum is awesome wish I had that, but it just shows how much more prepared they are then I was. We talked about comparisons they can make with normal life and the atonement. They are brilliant! And Marco is getting baptized in a few weeks (natys husband) I'm so greatful for the elders and their hard work. They will be sealed forever as a family in a year. And you better believe it that I'm Cummings back! Why are you going to Disneyland without me? 
A funny story was when Hna crow snuck up behind a guy on the sidewalk and said "hi!" And I wish you could have seen him jump. He got into the fetal position five feet in the air. Pretty impressive. I bit my tongue while she tried to contact him I thought it was hilarious. Ooooooooo the scary Mormons on bikes. Love it
We also had a really powerful lesson with our new investigators this week. Her son passed away and she just wants to know if he is happy. We taught a little and she asked what we would be learning the next time. And we said. "Where your son is" she got really happy and set a solid return apt. I was studying for her today and once again I was impacted by alma 40:11-14 in 11 we are told that everyone goes and lives with god before the resurrection and then in 12 it says they are happy! That's all she wants to know if he is happy. How sad is it that so many people don't have the knowledge that we do. That when someone passes away they are with god and they are Ina state of rest. And they get the chance to progress still. Love that we have the Book of Mormon so we can have the everlasting and foulness of the gospel leading and guiding us today.
Also today I was reading a talk and something really hit me. "It's not what we have DONE in this life it is what we have BECOME". people can do many good things in there lives but if we aren't changing ourselves them there is no purpose. It's the difference between a testimony and being converted. Well to truly have a testimony we must be convinced and act. Live what we believe share what we believe and with that we will become. We should not just do things because they are right, we should do them for the right reason. So I will become what he wants me to. The mission will be over soon but it's just the beginning. It's like baptism. It is the gateway to eternal life. I have been learning the skills and becoming what I need to in these months so that I can continue to walk the pathway to stand in front of my Heavenly Father and savior and give them big hugs and them smile because of what I have become. I'm not there yet. Not even close. But I know as I know and declare I will become what he wants me to be.
Love you so much, your constantly in my prayers. Xoxox
Les quiero, Hna Quezada