Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I got my bike....hahaha I love it......

LOok what i did MOM!!!!

hi Mom,
ha so the bike. ya I know big chunk right. But hna ward is a bike mechanic and I asked her what I should get that will last me my mission y despues. and she said don't get anything that is from somewhere like walmart. they don't last. and she said that the one that the mission home got a good deal on would last. So I thought since I was blessed with so many people helping with my mission. I wouldn't ask anymore and just suck it up and buy my own. and its here and its cute BUT im going to make it look like its old (plastic wrap and tape) so that it doesn't get stolen ...  cuz I am in Pomona and I probably wont be in a nice area my whole mission. but that's okay! I love it all the same! and then after the mission it will look brand new
This week has been an adventure. so hna ward has not gotten her bike yet so we are walking and using the buses. Lost my tap card earlier in the week. I was pretty made because it had close to $30 dollars on it. Hopefully whoever found it was really needing to go somewhere or was struggling. I really need to stop losing things.. I left the keys in the church last week too. manoman. My poor companion. she has been patient with that stuff.
So the buses are fun. so many weird people.. and GOOD INTERESTED PEOPLE TOO! the prophet was inspired and this change is going to do wonders. you really have to get out of your shell. but I like talking to people so its really fun. and so fun stories. like today. walked to a bus stop to email. ha bus wasn't in service. walked to another bus stop that bus only took us so far and it was pretty far away so we didn't take it. ended up walking about 5 miles to email. man..... and guess what? we get to go back too.... ahahaha but it really is good. so Naty and Jocelyn are preparing for the 6 de octubre entre los confrencias. but Jocelyn might not be completely ready. NATY IS AWESSOME THO! she is going to el Salvador in December and she is asking us to find out the time church is at so she can go for there while she is there for two weeks. she is so awesome. Jocelyn will get there. This will really help her future. well duh it will help everyones. because it is the truth! and we all need it!
I actually bought potatoes this week. and while I was doing it I thought about how pathetic they looked all little and soooo last year :) ive been spoiled. hahaha. keep going strong with MA  you can do it! Im glad there is no busy work. Well we gotta go walk back :( hahahha oh and I have realized all my shoes stink hahaha or my widdle(little) feets aren't use to it. I love you and the church is true every day its truer and truer. I am so privlaged to be a missionary in this time. Love my life. Love being a missionary. Love it here in Pomona and I am so proud of everyone that decides to serve you will never regret it. ITS THE BEST! love you mom have a great week!
Love Hna Quezada

Saturday, September 21, 2013


Naty and Jocelyn at the temple

Oh my heavens. be careful. and the little extra money for the tires would be worth your life. Serious. and that story:( cried just a bit. BE SAFE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!! con quidado. enserio so actually the bike situation is covered. the mission is getting really good bikes for whole sale so I'll just get one over here. its about $220. my companion hna ward is a bike mechanic and she said that this bike will last better for me. so ya I'll just use my card and get it all taken care of over here. thanks for looking tho. I'll have to find a basket still but thats okay.
So transfers came and gone and hna ward and I are still together in Pomona and we are pretty happy about that because we are going to have a lot of success in this transfer. we are moving to our new apartment today and we are on foot! so we had the opportunity to go to the LA temple with Naty and Jocelyn this week. we are still working with jocelyn she feels as if its right but she doesn't feel ready. but Naty her mom recieved her answer at the temple and wants to get baptized. SUPER AWESOME! we are way excited! I love the temple like always it is amazing and the sisters that gave us a tour were right on and an answer to our prayers. 
Ward Activity Love these ladies!!!!!!
We had a pretty tough time with finding this week but! we had a activity with the ward and it was all about all of the different counties. and we had two investigatorTs there (Naty cooked food from guatemala) and we had 4 less actives come! it was incredible! they all had a great time too. I really got scared that I was leaving Pomona but the Lord knows my heart and it would have broke if I had to leave. So aqui estoy otra ves a tratar que invite otra a venir a Cristo. I was reading in alma 5:40 today. Pretty awesome nomatter what we do he will always be calling for us. so dont turn your back on him so you can be the one helping with the gathering of his sheep. I love being a missionary and nomatter how hard/crazy it gets. We just laugh it off and work harder! 
I love you all and thanks for the letters. always a treat! oh mascara please! not waterproof. xoxoxoxo all my love. oh and my comp in the mtc just got sent to napa. crazy right? I told her to look for a Quezada Market. hahaha and Megan March youll be amazing .....sweeeet. and Amee let me know as soon as you can Im super stoked for you:)
I love you. 
Ps. Tell the ward thanks for all their love and support. Best ward ever.
Love, Hermana Quezada

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Activities with the role playing
hi mom,
I dont even know how to explain how crazy this week was... Okay I will start by when we were volunteering in the hospital my comp was talking on the phone then I put it back into my pocket and then 20 minutes later it was gone. We could not find it anywhere. So we looked and looked. nothing.. IM SO DUMB SOMETIMES. It wouldn't be the first time ive done something like that. so we were phoneless... being without a phone on your mission is realllllllly hard. you have to be in contact with the people that you are teaching the members that are feeding you and so on. so that happened on tuesday. wednesday we needed to take the car in. thinking it would only be an hour.. we were carless for 4 hours........ what the. carless and phoneless. REALLY? so the joke start flying with all the things that we could be doing. so we walked to obispos house used the phone went to lunch. missed two appointments. BLAHHHHH more jokes lots of praying. ok still dont have a phone get the car back and on thursday we find out. they are taking our cars..... do you know what that means? START LOOKING FOR A BIKE FOR ME PLEASE. one with the bar in the middle is lower so my skirt wont go flying. they are taking the cars on monday so HURRRYYYY. and we have to move into pomona so now we were house looking without a phone. 3 things I dont like. phone probs. car probs. and house probs. so a miracle happened someone returned our phone at the hospital so we got the phone back friday morning. Lots of missed calls and texts. and then saturday came and our phone got disconnected with the service. didnt have the pin. so we had to wait two more days without a phone. Just barely got the phone working again. craaazzzyy. So yes all the cars are getting taken away so please please look for a bike. one with a basket on the front! hahaha but really.
 So Neti came to church but Jocelyn didnt we are going to go to the temple this weekend with them. I love them so much. and my heart was fun. yesterday was ward conference and it was amazing everyones cups were full. we had a less active come to church and he thanked us he said that he has been away for too long and he needs the spirit back into his life. "we hope you have a good day" "i already have". LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! he is going to do so good in this ward. the sacerdocio is really struggling right now. we dont even have a 2nd counselor in the bishopric. Triste. I feel so bad for obispo but we are really blessed to have him. he is so selfless and a true disciple of Christ. How can we be true disciples of Christ? but for all the craziness we had a great week lots of laughing a tad bit of crying and a lot of help and guidance from our Heavenly Father
I am glad you got in to MA. work hard. and who is cez taking to homecoming? you all forgot to mention that little detail. ya I heard about kais last week. brooky told me. and kais sent me an email with all the details. So when does meg leave? english? whats going on with that. she better write me soon. its so fun I am so proud of all the people that are deciding to serve it is the best thing ever. and those that dont. thats ok because there is work everywhere. so Mosiah 24:12-15 really helped me this week. Mission is hard. fun. funny. hot. exciting. crazy. but I am so happy and I am learning and growing more then I think I am helping anyone. Transfers are next week and It is crazy. I love that I have the chance to be here and I do love these people. mosiah 28:3. I would do anything for them. Thanks for the letters. bare lake looked fun! be missionaries. all we can do is invite! this is so true! xoxoxo
Hermana Quezada
The Lord is hastening his work in ways we dont even know. No cars so we can talk to more people. LOVE IT! its such an exciting time to be a missionary.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Faith without Works is dead.......

pday on the elder bikes.....hrm. ward was in heaven she loves bikes.....doesnt it look like we are having FUN

Its so fun that you get to be with the laurels. they will never forget the impact you will have on their lives. I see it here in our ward in Pomona. These girls (less then 10) cling to each other. and every week the spirit is so strong. I don't have any advice besides follow the spirit and make it memorable. but congrats on your new callings you are going to rock it. I always new you would be the camp director one day too. you were kinda made for that calling. maybe I can come as an assistant in two summers. that would be fun! I am glad alecc is safe and sound back up in logan. and ether 12 is so good. We have been giving it to a lot of our investigators. Fe is so important in conversion. But faith had two parts believing and then the action. Faith without works is dead. I hope the boys being back in school makes things a little better. and I hope you get into MA. You will love it. well I did and shelly is such a good teacher.
So our week was good. We had a really good lesson with Neti (she is the mom of jocelyn). She really understands that she needs to prepare for her baptism and is ready to do so. Mother daughter baptism its going to be awesome. But they didn't come to church.. nobody did. Its so hard. that is one of the hardest things for latinos to do. is 
love my companion....
JUST COME TO CHURCH! so now I am studying the importance of church and the sabbath day and how it is a commandment and that jazz.(Ex 20, 31, Isiah 58)  Especialmente en la biblia porque ya creen en la biblia entonces porque no explica en una manera que es facil para ellos a entender. so ya studying that a lot. It is really hard to remember back on the week for stories. but zone conference was yesterday that is why the letter is late because pday is today. It was really good. always something else for me to work on and strive to do better. it was at our building so the less actives in our ward brought the food and served us and after we sang called to serve for them to thank them. really powerful. I love them all so much. Its going to kill when I leave Pomona. So transfers are in 3 weeks. Time just zips its nuts.
But we had a good talk with a member yesterday after she fed us. Her husband will not change. he is super against joining the church. anyways I shared this talk I have collected while on my mission. and the spirit was working in her. there was a moment where it was quiet and she stared to cry. It brakes m heart seeing these faithful women trying their hardest to follow JesuCristo a regresar un dia con sus familias and they dont want to listen. Heavenly Father has to have something special for them in heaven because they deserve so much. I cant express how amazing they are. I love being a missionary even though its tough and sometimes nobody listens we still have this gospel and what better way to spend all my time then trying to spread it? Thanks for everything! and I hope all is well. Have a splendid week. (is my spelling really getting better?? doubtful! prolly just the spell check ha)
All my love, Hermana Quezada
Ps: super fun you saw some of the gang I hope they are doing good!
he reminds me of kiki.....miss you little bros....

rude no letter.
but I remember this happened to alecc a couple times and it was usually a computer problem. but im going to act offended.
But I do want to tell you about an experience I had yesterday. So there we are waiting for people to come to church and none of our investigators show up. I was especially sad about Neti and Jocelyn. they told us they would be there and they are progressing so well. so I was sitting there and my own voice came to my mind talking to an elder earlier that morning. 'where is the faith elder they still have 15 more minutes they will come" where was my faith at that moment? and then I remembered an Hermana talking about how we have to plead with the lord poring out our hearts begging with faith. So all sacrament I prayed and prayed and mustered up my faith. and prayed and right when Obispo dismiss the priesthood to go and sit with their families, Jocelyn came and sat by us and then neti her mom followed with her grandson(who we just picked up as an investigator)
THEY CAME! that was a huge testimony builder for me for faith and prayer. if you didn't know they work! tears... yes... and then I thanked my Heavenly Father.
So later on in church the class was on la obra misional. and after they got done talking about the announcement and the age change neti turned to me and said this "I would have never heard the gospel without this command". I cant express how much I love my investigators! Well I hope you all had a great week. and I know that this church is true and no matter how hard Satan works we know who wins in the end. and I will never be on the losing side. We are here to be instruments in the Lords hands and as we do so we will be blessed. I love you and I expect letters now since there was no email.
con mucho amor, Hermana Quezada
on Pday on an adventure........crazy huh..