Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I FREAKED OUT.....Sister Megan Walker was on TV...

Sure love this Girl...
Missionaries in training..:)
Thats so funny that you started out with that. because I FREAKED OUT! I thought she was already out of the MTC. and me and my comp were searching for people we know saying "My mom is probably crying." "I know my mom is crying" I even went back to see her again. haha it was fun to see her. could you get me her email address? speaking of dress sell it. i don't care. So do you remember this you want pictures send me some too? I haven't even seen how studly cez looks at homecoming. and I know you took pictures. So we haven't been riding too much because hna ward just fixes the bikes rides them for a little and then gives them back to their owners and then we are back to walking. BUT BUSES are way better anyways. If they came more frequently it would be perfect but riding buses are way more affective then knocking doors. one guy said "you girls are good. real good. your church is going to be happy with you" the funny thing is we weren't even talking about our church.. YET! hahaha I love being a missionary. Some people wont talking to you some people think they know everything about the church but the majority don't and want to know more. the hard part is if they are willing to change for the truth.
 That is something that I have been thinking about is how we can get from believing to being converted. in alma 23:6"...were converted unto the Lord never did fall away." so what do we have to do to never fall away? become converted unto the Lord. No how do we apply that in our lives? and how do I help my investigators with this hard thing of conversion? Because it is easy to believe. because it is TRUE. but how we become converted is a different story. Search it in the scriptures and report back to me what you find. (and if anyone else is reading this I would like to invite you to do the same and if you want write me a letter)
So Jocelyn will be waiting but she will be soon. and Naty is on! She is so ready and I love her so much. Her love and desire to learn all she can in the church will take her far. a testimony was given yesterday "Im excited for Naty and her family I know she will be a great leader in the church." SO TRUE! she is awesome. quit coffee and is striving to endure to the end even before her baptism. She is nervous about her interview but she will jsut blow through it. she is so ready. I am praying hard that Satan leaves her alone this week. but I know he wont. But next week will be of pictures of her baptism! we are also teaching a mom and her two kids. They will be getting baptized real soon here too. she knows the church is true and she wants to follow it. we just have to clear some stuff up first!. 
Its so weird to hear about all the marriages and missions. When I get home nobody will be around. but thats okay because they are doing good things. Growing up is kinda fun. life just keeps getting better and better. I hope you enjoy conference this week. take time to watch all the sessions and go in with questions. The revelation you will recieve is directly from God so take advantage of it! I love you and have a great week! SEND PICS!!!
Love Hermana Quezada
This is my COOOOOL companion Ward...

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