Friday, May 23, 2014


Look mom I can cook.......
How am I? Great! Just got done with a hike! It was really fun. Just some Pday with some awesome people in my ward. The beltetons I think your friends with them on Facebook. Those seminary graduation. Wow. Talk about memory lane. They look so happy. I'm proud of them. It's so awesome to hear about the missions and the spiritual progression.i love the gospel. So about the week that I'm home before ces leaves. I would love to go camping. Just us. Us and the boys. That would be so ideal. That's one thing I really miss doing. But whatever you guys want to do I just want to do it together. But ya. It's crazy because it's just right around the corner. It doesn't stink as much going home because now I know I have a week with Cesar. But once he leaves I might be a bump on the log. And it cracks me up that my room is still messy. I thought you cleaned that forever ago. Sorry about that. My comp says "she should make you clean it" it's been over a year haha. 
We just went shopping for bridesmaid stuff. Hijole it's hard with specifics. Tiffin any blue and white. It should be cute. They are so excited! It's the couple that you bore your testimony to. So awesome. I love them so much.
And happy that me deciding to go on a mission really helped Cesar. Because I am so proud of him. I tell everyone about him and how good he is doing and where he's going. Mom I have a TL for you.... Okay I'll tell. You were told by someone in our ward that you have a good bunch of kids. A good patch! Ya! We are alright because we have the best mom! 
So this week was really normal. We picked up a mom to our investigator who is ready for a change. I'm really excited to teach her. And it was like 111 degrees all week. It is just barely starting to cool off so when you think it's hot just think about the poor missionary in Cali riding a bike across 4 cities everyday., but I love it! Transfers are this week so by Monday I'm pretty sure I'll get a new companion. But who knows. We will see. God has it all planed out and we just do his will and we are happy. I love the mission. Love life! Like always. 
Xoxox have a good week.
Love, Hna Quezada
Ps where are you going to do you externship? 
Ps:the traveling skirt is with Kristen in chile.  

My sweeeeeet companion!
Hey fam
It was so good seeing you. And thanks for your testimony mom. It really helped. They have a date for the 25th and they will be getting married on the 24th. We are planning a wedding! I was so grateful for all of those dances and activities that I planned in high school because God really prepared me for this one. Hna crow asked me if I have ever planned a wedding before (thinking I had) nope just lots of dances and parties for high school. But that's a skill I never thought I would use on my mission. 
So if you didn't catch it yesterday on skype. I got to go to a confirmation of someone I contacted on the bus about three weeks ago. The story is like this... 
Hna Johnson and I missed the bus. Just barely. And the next one didn't come until the next hour. So we waited for the next one. And on this bus I sat by David. He was headed to a mall really far from his home because he was bored. So we started talking and turned out he was a former investigator but moved and was attending a Christian church in Pasadena. (Which is about 20 min from where he currently was living) so I got his address and sent it to the missionaries in his area.... Three months later... so at that meeting I went to on Tuesday another sister trainer leader was telling me about David and how it was the David I sent to her three months back and how he got baptized. I flipped out. It was a freak out actually. BUT THAT NEVER HAPPENS! You never hear about the referrals you send out! So that was really neat to go to yesterday and he totally gave me a half hug. I will send a picture of him. David seok. A new member of Christ's church! 
So I'm so excited for Cesar. COLUMBIA! I was talking to one of the English elders yesterday "guess where my brothers going on his mission. Spanish and out of country" "Argentina!" "No cooler than Argentina" "uhhhh Columbia!" Sooooo pretty much your mission is so cool and you are way cooler than I. But know that your call was inspired by god and there are people waiting for you. So don't procrastinate your preparation. There is no time to waste. So two things mom you need to figure out family pictures that week that I am home and right before he leaves. And Cesar you should look into institute classes in the summer from uvu and possibly our seminary building. But I hear uvu institute is really good. So I was reading in alma 43 this morning and something I loved is how the nephites prepared for war and how they did so is by putting on armor and thick clothing. And when the lamanites saw them and their armor they were afraid and fled. So as we prepare ourselves spiritually satan and his follower and the temptations will take one look at us and flee. And as well if we do get hit a few times. If we have strong metal and thick clothing, the blows will not hurt us. So now the question is what are you doing to prepare for these spiritual battles that satan wants to have with us? And are we falling because our armor isn't strong enough? 
Whelp I love you tons and you look good. I was glad to talk to you yesterday. Xoxoxo don't forget to do missionary work
Love Hna Quezada 
Yep....still CRAZY