Monday, June 24, 2013

The new broadcast super sweet right??

So yes the new broadcast super sweet right?? I dont know much about the electronic stuff yet but im pretty sure we will be using way more. ps make an account and be a missionary there is so much work to be done. But we are going to be a test mission to not have any cars in the states. I'm wicked excited. you know what that means... MORE MISSIONARIES AND SMALLER AREAS. which means the work is going to become rapid fire. it wont start right away but im way excited. I might be needing a bike. I'll let you know. so I hope you realized the main message of the broadcast. This isn't just missionary work for missionaries. The missionaries are here to help the members with their work. So the members need to be finding and inviting because the age is changing the more affective way to convert it through the members. without the members missionaries are nothing. I really mean that. I hope that broadcast inspired the members like it inspired the missionaries. CES there are so many nonmembers in high school go find them. Make it part of family night. Get Preach my Gospel and get to work. This time is short and we need to help people recieve the best gift in the world the gospel. I'm excited to see the new changes it is going to be exciting. 
So this week was nuts. on tuesday Hna Lapierre got a call telling her she was training. This means one of us was getting transfered. so all week I stressed and stressed and then on Sat. HNA  CRAWLEY GOT HER VISA she leaves next monday and then that night we got a call. I am staying in Pomona and Hna L is leaving. Then the stress came again who in the world will be finishing my training.?? I find out it is the girl hna L trained right before me. She is only one transfer ahead of me AND her last transfer was in English work.... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH she has been out for a little over 4 months and me only 3!!!! SUPER NUTS her name is Hna Ward she is from logan and I will send pics next week. It was hard to say goodbye to hna L. but this transfer is going to be crazy! trust in the Lord will have a whole different meaning.
 the Spanish is Okay. President gave me some encouraging words but it will come. I just have to keep working. and I cant believe you got the eyelashes SEND A PIC! 3Nefi es la mejor!  enserio nada es mejor que JesuCristo go back and read those chapters again. my favs are prolly 11 and 18. 17 is good to. That whole book is amazing. I have a new love for the LDM I cant even tell you. I thought I liked reading the sctiptures before. NOPE even more not. I wish there was more time to study because there is so much to learn. 
Yes package recieved thatnk you! and we are aloud to listen to other stuff besides hymns but I would love the jenny phillps cds NO EFY too upbeat. 
Love you sorry if my thoughts are scattered Im writing letters too and I'll be sending a package soon! xoxoxox
Con amor,
Hermana Quezada

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

MARIA GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So first off. MARIA GOT BAPTISED!!!! it was so incredible I cant even describe. so it was a joint baptism this story is great. she has been investigating/attending church for 4 years but her boyfriend would not marry her. Entonces she kicked him out! woop woop and she and her two boys were baptised super powerful. so Maria asked me to sing at her baptism.. so guess what I sang??? yup "when I was baptised" in spanish! as I was singing I looked down to my sweet MAria and she had tears in her eyes. This is why I am here so I can help people find this wonderful gospel. she gave me the biggest hug in the whole world. Now it is time to work on her family. It was sad because none of them came to the baptism. dont worry we will get them.
Showed up to Rafaels house he was sitting in his front yard with beer bottles and cans all around him. "hooola... heerrrmanasss" DRUNK! i hate alcohol. He wants to change but doesn't realize how he can. All of us can only change through Jesucristo. es not possible sin el. 
Okay funny quote from the elders. (we saw them at the church because we both needed a bathroom break... that night on the phone) "so remember when we saw you going to the bathroom.... uhhh... wow... that sounded so bad...." tons of laughing from both ends. Love the elders and yes every single person needs to respect the priesthood no matter what. I love the priesthood it is amazing. Oh and the spanish.. ya.. we are talking a lot more. it is great. ya. Oh and I rock at dodgeball. so boys watch out... IM GONNA DOM YOU! 
so I want to challenge you to go and do some missionary work. even if it is to some members. Everyone can be more converted to the gospel. so talk about the gospel with everyone I promise it will bless you and the lives of so many others. We can never do enough so do more! I love you all so much and I am so glad that you are mine. xoxox keep serving and continue to study the scriptures ther is so much we could be learning! love you
Hermana Quezada

It is so true about letting your light shine. I love it when people stop us and know we are preaching la palabra de Dios porque tenemos un luz. Es incredible. continue to grow. I get really overwhelmed because there is so much room for improvement. And no matter how much I study or learn there is always more. Thats what is great about this life. We are here to progress cada dia. esta es no posible sin la expiacion. Por medio la Expiacion tenemos la oprotunidad a regresar con Dios otra vez. It is super interesting because as missionaries our job is to teach the people what they need to return and if we explain to them what is on the table. and if they understand that they will no push it away. So now I need on helping them understand. Ah this work is so awesome. All you do everyday is wake up.. work out.. eat/fast.. get ready.. study for four hours.. and go out and talk to people all day about the gospel... Who has a better life than a missionary?? It is exciting to see the change in people. The Lord is hastening His work. and so we need to be picking up our game as well. Sorry little rant. 
So a few funny stories..
1) we are at the RS activity and the president pulls out a scale. "okay how is your goal for pysical weight loss this week." one by one each women got on that scale. WHAT NO BOUNDRIES. I felt uncomfortable for them. That is something I love about the latin culture they dont care and they are super open. it was really odd for us tho.
                                                                                   2)wanna funny/spiritual language story: 
So we were stood up for an appointment. and in my head I said "okay next person we see is our new investigator." we walk out of the gate and there was a house strait shot in front of me. "hna have you knocked that door?" "no" "lets knock it"... EXCITO!! entonces ensenamos la doctrina de Cristo and at the end she asked this question (which I didn't hear) "so I have heard a lot of stuff about piligamy and your church" (remember I didn't hear it spanish is hard sometimes) I say "is it okay if we end with a prayer"... Hna L totally saves me once again.. "good question" AHHHHHHHHH "piligamy?" "I totally dont care about your question lets end with a prayer" We laughed really hard and no worries Victoria wants us to come back even after that mistake. 
3) Maria thought president Monson was at her baptism. "He was there I saw him" "no he really wasn't there" haha sad thing that happened with her though was she missed her comfirmation:( it was a bummer. fathers day her family was all in town. but we went over to visit her and she was at her table reading the LDM with a pencil in hand markiing it all up. I love her and she will be confirmed next week. I LOVe you and thanks for the support :)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

2 weeks into one........sorry time slipped by me........Thats what happens when her mom has to do the blog

Love these 2
 Hi Family,Yayaya emerse in espanol.We try really hard pero it is hard. We talk a lot of spanish well she talks alot of spanish same with Hna Crawley.and I kindajust sit there and chip in when I can. I hope I can get it. It is really hard, but I am working really hard. I'msuper happy for Tadd. Wish him good luck for me. The mission is awesome I hope he talks full advantage of it.
Pomona is amazing there are so many people here that need this gospel. So we have a baptism on the ninth. Maria I amso excited for her. Her daughter Alejandra is 10 almost 11 (weird right hons) and we are going to commit her to baptism today.I am excited. They like church alot.We taught primary on sunday and Alejandra was just singing away. (These children speak way good spanish and Spanish primary songs can be difficult.) I'm so excited for them!!!
Okay here is a funny story for you. so we were going to go get one of our investigators to church (one of my favs. He loves me. after everything we say its "Verdad Quezada Verdad?" "si Rafiel es verdad" LOVE HIM) anyways we open up the gate  and  out jumps a pug. Pugs are nice right? WRONG! deamon pug! we were about halfway up his walkway when the pug statred to charge! I was getting ready to kick a dog in that instant while screaming open the gate. in the nick  of time we slammed that door on his face! the dog was possesed! we saw another evil pug yesterday too. I always thought pugs were super nice.


My zona y barrio es la major. The members are great and love us and feed us well .and my zone is super fun. We played vball for like two hours yesterday while eating carne provided from nuestros obispo (only on pday)
CONGRATS LAURA! I'mexcited for you! I betTerry is just in heaven! Im super excited for you three! the babies are so blessed to come into a great family! (I expect one of them to be named after me)
Speaking of families I am so greatful for you. I have an amazing family.Thank you for all the support and love tambien. Esta obra es de Dios y con El todas cosas es posible. El querre Su familia a regresar otra vez! I am loving the mission! I hope to be a great servant in the Lords hands but I have so much to learn still! Les Quierro Hermana Quezada  
Cleaning the work

Hi fam! 
Super excited for meg! have her write me! so yes I run everymorning we live behing a golfcourse so ya lots of fun trails. hardest thing..SPANISH

 I found a sweet sctipture today alma 12:31 I am trying to memorize a scripture reference everyday because my scripture knowledge lacks greatly. This scripture talks about how everyone has to act one way or another. We all have to act but we get to decide if we act for
good or evil. This concept is interesting. I love action scriptures because you have to do something about it. So what are you going to
do? are you acting or getting acted upon.

 so yes MAria is on her way
to baptism on sunday. we are way excited. We were planning on baptizing her daughter to but we found out she was alredy baptised 2
years ago??? what then. PLOT CHANGE!! hahaha it led for a pretty funny
conversation. So Rafael!!!! HE CAME TO CHURCH!!! I love him so much he
has such a desire to change. I can see it. "para cumplitor sisia"
"verdad Quezada verdad?" its super funny because he always gives us
hugs and we dont really know what to do. I honestly just want to hug
him so tight and help him out. We can give him the tools but he needs
to change for himself. The next step is for him and the Lord to work
things out. We are so excited. I cant ever tell if real Rafael and
drunk Rafael are any different but his energy is awesome. "verdad
Quezada, La LAperrr, craaaaawwy" LOVE HIM! We are trying to find more
people everyday. Ahhhhh I just want them to listen sometimes people
treat you like the plege but that just means they aren't ready yet. I
cant believe how our Padre Celestial feels. ahhh okay so we found an
English couple this week that taught us our gospel. "I want to baptise
my kids but I do know  the right steps to take." I look at Hna
LaPierre... "we can deffinatley help you out with that." WHY DO THEY
okay so kinda a funny story for you. so last night in my sleep. I
jumped out of bed.. I sleep on the top bunk. I dont remember anything
untill my feet hit the floor. good thing we have  a third mattress on
the ground because My knees hit that. I was sleep jumping and talking
as well. I still have no idea what happened my companions tell me I
was spekaing spanglish.. no clue. But could you imagine watching me
have sleeping fall off the bunkbed. Pretty funny. well I love you so
much! Oh the 40 day fast was called purification. we are doing it as a
mission. ces do it! Okay I love you the church is true and mom stop
freaking out about alecc. He is going to be having a hard time.
Hermana Quezada