Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Lord works in many ways...... these peeps

 And transfers are on Monday. We find our Saturday. We are kinda nervous because we love our district but most of us have been here for two so there has got to be some changes... But change is good. It's all about progression. 

So here a few things that happened this week.
Pday was a blast. I love my district. I can truly trust them through in through. We played half soccer and also we were nerdy for a bit and played 20 questions on people in the Book of Mormon. It was awesome. Surprisingly I really liked the 20 question game and Hna Davis and I play it a lot now. Good pass time. 
And the Noche de hogar was super successful so many members were there we were thinking probably over.... definitely more than 70.. It is really cool because a lot of members Brought nonmember friends. We're pretty excited! it was crazy because last minute hermano Lopez told us he was going to be late. So Hna and I  had had to give the spiritual thought that we only had notice of 30 minutes before. It went well. Members helped a lot with their testimonies. We wanted to motivate them so we showed a quick video and Shared testimonies and how we know that this work is important. Is it so important! then we had an activity and tons of food. When I say tons of food I mean tons of food. I love this ward they are awesome.

We found four new investigators it's so cool how you can find people by just looking for someone else or just asking straight up if they want to listen. The Lord works in many ways. He's very efficient we will be doing one thing and then another thing pops up and as we strive to become better missionaries and use all the tools that we have, we find we teach and we are going to baptize many. The first part of the fast worked with the rain and now are ready for the baptisms. 

We also had a few lessons with Alejandra. We were kind of nervous going because we didn't know what happened this past weekend. She didn't show up to church :( We go in there and she looked happier than ever. She had been reading the book of Mormon and she even asked how church was. When we asked her later in the lesson if she knew the church was true she went back to the book of Mormon and how she knew it was true. She didn't exactly say that. But she related it that they were the words of Jesus Christ given to these people. You can see her testimony growing her faith increasing. It's really exciting to help people enter into the waters of baptism. She really has a desire for her children to do the same. So we will start working with them soon. We need her help though and she can help us do it. Missionary work is the best. You see a ton of miracles and you're the first hands and eyes on the scene. It's fun and exciting. 

So guess what. I have two hands again! I had a doc apt and they said I could take the brace off. So the wrist/hand is pretty sore. But I'm glad I can help again. 
 But we keep going. Keep pushing. We do his will and no one else's. I love it! Thanks for all the support and love. Xoxox

Hermana Quezada 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Blame the mother again for late late late blog......oooops sorry my sweet missionary I love you

Hey mom, 
I can't believe it's another Pday. Hijole can we just stop the clock for a sec. It sounds like your going crazy but also having a good time. I wouldn't do your externship were I did unless you know they are highering because they don't higher on very often. But man all those missionaries makes me excited. If we only had 2 missionaries out from one ward over here. That would be awesome. Keep up the great work parents. Help these youth stay strong. We are trying really hard to do that in this ward. These youth have so much potential and they cut themselves short.
So this week was nuts. 
 it was Hna Davis's birthday on Thursday. So yes I made her breakfast (pancakes with strawberries and yumminess) and I wrote on the mirrors and I tried to help her have a really good birthday. The district did a god job too. Each of them brought dessert (cookies brownies ect) It was really sweet. Then we had some good lessons with less actives. Carla seemed a lot more excited to come to church and participate. Hopefully our lessons helped too. We truly brought the spirit in all of our lessons. (She came!) Then we drove to my hand apt... And sat.. And waited... And sat... And a hour and a half later we got called in. So we sat a little longer. And dr saggag came in looked at the MRI 
and told me I have a stress fracture in a little bone in my hand called the hook of the hammat. Which is connected to my pinky finger. This bone is one that doesn't heal if it's broken. So if I keep stressing it, it will break and then all they can do is take the bone out because it doesn't heal. Would you look at that talent I have to break the only bone that doesn't heal. So now I'm in a cast 
and it's hard to do almost anything and I'm not suppose to use it at all. So now I sit here with me and my little cast. It's purple! I hope it heals well. 

So this whole thing is like the atonement. You break a bone that can't heal itself. You keep going through the pain for years until you can't take it. You seek help. They tell you to hold still (or stop sinning) while the blood does the healing. Or through the blood of our savior takes away the pain the regret, the hurt. And then with his help or the help of the cast you can be made whole again. Now let's not suffer any longer and use the atonement! 
 Alejandra had another dream about her baptism. She was stacking shoes and then she knew she needed to get baptized. So after her completely understand and loving the plan of salvation. She wrote on her calendar. "Mi bautismo" yiiiiipppppeeeeee she's changed so much and it will continue from here on out. Talk about a miracle. 
And then Sunday came around.
 Alejandra did not show up to church. We were so confused because she told us she was coming. I was praying so hard. And so right after we took the sacrament Hna mancilla (her sister) and I went to find her. She caught word that she decided to sell food for the World Cup game (Mexico vs USA) which of course had to be in the morning during church. It broke my heart to see her in that environment. She had face paint on there was drinking going on and it was so worldly. The disappointment I felt I can't even describe. She could see the pain in my face. You could tell Hna mancilla was frustrated as well as we walked back in silence I had tears going down my face. It was really hard for me to see that. The effects of something so worldly. What do we worship? A sports team? Or god? The sabbath day is sacred. It pained me to watch the youth on their phones during church watching the game. Walking down the street and hear screeching and yelling from all directions because someone scored a goal. These ppl turned into animals. So we should take a step back and see what we do in the sabbath. It's not just go to church and we are good. It's all day. Like you were talking about mom with your young women's class.. Actions. Words. Thoughts. Centered and focused on The Lord. Keep the sabbath day... And really keep it. 
As we were talking/eating as a district Hna angulo sprinted to the bathroom. She's a bomb missionary from Mexico. She has a sickness that affects her blood. Me being me helped her as she through up. And I cried with her as she sobbed. I've never held someone so tight and been the support as I see someone so strong fall. It reminds me of ever day matters how Christ truly is there for us. Holding us so tight and how he is weeping with us. And through his love we can be made strong. 
There's too much to tell you. And I can't write so you won't be receiving any letters sorry maybe some pics. But I love you. Be strong. Keep the sabbath day and rely on the savior. 

Some wise words from pres uchtdorf "no matter how many times you have slipped or fallen, rise up! Your destiny is a glorious one! Stand tall and walk in the light of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ! You are stronger than you realize. You are more capable than you can imagine. You can do it now! (You Can Do It Now!)"
I love you tons! 
Love Hna Quezada
Ps. Please do the Book of Mormon challenge on fb. #calledtoshare

Your week sounds awesome. I'm so happy for kylee that sound like a moment that nobody is going to forget. I love the small and simple things. They really do make the difference. I hope he gets his passport soon. He needs all the time to get his visa. And he's just having fun. He needs to prepare spiritually too or he is going to be overloaded x100. He will be great. Tell grams happy belated birthday. It sounds awesome
. We had a grat week 22 lessons it was crazy. 
 I got the privilege in meeting president and Hermana Villanueva this past Wednesday. They are awesome. Short. Humble. Excited. And ready to work. They expressed multiple times how much they love us. They are from Mexico.  Came on a leap of faith. English isn't their first language even though they speak it quite well and they aren't quite sure on what they are going to do. They seemed overwhelmed. When president shared his testimony on Christ and the church, the spirit filled that room. I was testified once again that the church is true. No matter the language. It's the same work.
Hna Villanueva told a story that impacted me a lot. It was about how she and her family were going to get their visa and they needed a ton of papers one of them was their call packet. They soon realized they forgot them. The airport was about 25 min from their house they were about to board. Hna Villanueva said a prayer and asked Heavenly Father to delay the plane. Right after she said it the announcer said that the plane had been delayed. They quickly had someone bring them the papers. She ran out to get them, went back through security and then they announced that they would load the plane. Once they got there they didn't even ask for her call letter. So what's the moral? That god can do anything. He is all powerful and if we make a plan and let him on it and then go to work he will make it happen. I was pretty inspired from that story and later that day we needed to get from point a to point b really quickly and they were very far away and we were one quarter short for the bus. I said a little prayer for Heavenly Father to let me find a quarter. On the ground or something. I had a thought to look in my bag. I reach my hand and there and there was a quarter. I was testified again that god lives. He listens to us and the we didn't even end up using the bus. Which showed me that he is all powerful and he can do anything.
4th of July. It was fun. I work a blue stripped shirt with a red skirt! I was feeling very festive. Once we started planning. We start hearing all of this booming popping it was so loud we couldn't even focus. We both looked at each other and like little girls again we bolted outside. There was a firework show literally right by our house. (We live right by a golf course.) we watched for about 10 min then we went in and finished planning. We shut all the doors and windows and tried to ignore the fun that was going on. 
After planning we got the sparklers out. I want to try to capture writing lds with them. So I set my iPad on the brick wall (which I was kinda nervous about it wasn't too steady) so we could put it on fb. Hna Davis went over and adjusted it and as she walked away it fell off smack on the cement.... My heart dropped. Yup there goes another expensive thing that I ruin. The glass was completely shattered. Boo for me. Hna Davis felt bad. But I couldn't let her get down. It's just money and we had fun with the sparklers anyways.

  I guess this just goes on the list of dumb this that have happened to me with nice electronics. But we had a lot of fun!
Saturday was so hot... So hot. HOTTER THEN THE SUN HOT. And we probably inside for an hour all day long. Things flopped and flopped. In the morning something really sad happened. We went to Ernestinas house. (A new investigator) there she was waiting for us. Reading the restoration folleto. She was adorable. It was pretty weird we started in talking about prophets and the daughter comes out with a phone and hands it to us. It's Ernestinas really Christian daughter. She starts in telling Hna Davis that their mom has her own church and if she has any questions she ask the pastor. She asked if she wanted to know what Ernestina wanted. She handed the phone to ernestina and she just listened and said " Ok.. Bye.." After ernestina got off the phone she said well since your here you should teach me. So we continued about prophets and then the other daughter came out and told us very rudely with so much discuss and hatred not to confuse her mom and that she has her own church and that she has her sister and their pastor and that's all they need, and then she told us to leave her house. It was really sad I started to cry as I saw that Ernestina had tears in her eyes. She wanted this. as we left She told us sorry. She really wanted to learn more. But her daughters wouldn't let her. Her own family stopped her salvation. I stopped at the corner and cried. How could the world be so cruel. Satan needs to stop already. But we will not stop fighting. This is the truth. This is what everyone needs, I won't ever stop trying. (This next story is sweet)
Our plans after that just flopped we decided the night before that we were going to go to an area where we had no potentials. We picked the street. Ivar... Started walking. It was so hot nobody was outside. We saw an Asian guy asked for Spanish people. No English. Knocked a few doors. Hna pointed to a house that could be Latino. So we walked closer we ended up going to the back house. We hear the World Cup. We thought we found it. The house we were looking for. This guy saw us and said "not interested" "what's your name" "doesn't matter not interested bye" "I have a question" "not interested" "do any of your neighbors speak Spanish?" "They are all Asian" "and the ppl that live in front?" "O their Mexican" "thankyou bye" that's all we needed. It was this house we just new it. The World Cup was blasting from this house. A man opens the door. He tells us just a sec he goes back into his house, puts a shirt on. He lowers the volume of the World Cup a little. His name is Alejandro. He looks tired, worn, like he has no purpose. His wife wasn't home so we asked to have a short lesson outside. He says yes. He goes in and turns the volume of the game almost all the way down, shuts the door and comes out. WHAT LATINO DOES THAT? He walked away from the World Cup. He told us that that morning he was thinking about that he needs to find a church for his kids because they know nothing about god. What a miracle. I always heard stories about that but they had never happened to me on my mission. If we just listen to god he will guide us. It was a miracle he wanted to learn more.
Sunday. ALEJANDRA FINALLY CAME TO CHURCH! She walked in the second hour and my face changed from disappointment to happiest person in the world in two seconds. We have been working so hard! Oh transfers were this weekend and we are in a trio. Hna Davis and I are now with Hna. Martinez. My first Latina companion! She's from Puebla Mexico and she's bomb! This is going to be a great transfer. 
I'm better then ever. I love the mission. Como siempre. The only thing I can say is please live your covenants. It is the only way to salvation. I love you have a great week.
Hna Quezada 

Have so much fun at camp. And mom don't give me so much credit. I learn so much everyday. And I learned a lot about myself this week. We were in a trio and Hna Martinez is really bold. She's a convert from Mexico and I learned a lot. A lot about myself and about the work. There is a happy medium. You need to be bold but these people need to feel you love. If the love isn't felt  they won't do anything. So The craziest thing happened. Hna Martinez got a call about 5:30 friday night... And she's got ETed . What the? She had only been here for not 5 days. Not even a week. She's been called to go to el molino. A sister got sick and went home. And I'm going to miss her funny attitude. "You guys are bulling me because I'm Mexican" "your a quesadilla with fake Mexican cheese" and how she would speak Spanish with a gringo accent.. Or when I was helping her with her pronunciation in English "guith.". "No it's guiDe".. "Ok ok guith" she's a great missionary. She's going to do great things. I'm just so happy to be with Hna Davis again. We just have a really good relationship. I told her that I was going to marry someone like her because we get along so well. I love her. And last night she told me I was the sister she never had. Yay for good companions! 

And Sunday. The best day of the week and nobody likes to come to church. Boo for us, Alejandra has been getting a whole bunch of junk from her fam. I want her to progress so much and her catholic family is tearing her down... So this week was hilarious with us taking peoples sins and throwing them away. So it started with Hna Davis taking some guys porn magazine and handing him a Jesus folleto. We carried it around all day and we couldn't just through it in any garbage can so we waited till we got home to through in the dumpster. Next funny thing... Well kinda funny. We went to go see Maria Romero and she was holding her throat and was talking about how David gave her something with ice and she can't drink that because it makes her hurt. So David comes back and he says that it was tequila. WHAT.... SHES 87 YEARS OLD. I told him that he should never do that again. So what do I do about it... I'm sneaky. I grab a plastic bag and I start picking up garbage and then I walk over to the hard liquor and put it in the bag as well and tie it up.  I found those three experiences pretty funny.
Gotta love the mission. And I do. I'm still nowhere near close to good but I love it and I wouldn't change it for the world. Love you have a great week. I know now more then ever that this IS CHRISTS CHURCH!
Hermana Quezada 

Yes I need a new memory card ASAP! That's all. 
Your week sounds awesome. I loved girls camp and I got to teach yw yesterday. Ppl are having a hard time progressing in this area but we will get them at church and help them enter the waters of baptism... This next month is going to be awesome!
The wierdest things have been happening. We ment this super Christian lady we contacted, freaked me out out. She was super nice and then she told us to go to her car and she pulled out a curly Texas long horn. Pointed it to the sky and blew into it like a horn. That's how she praised god? I was honestly confused. She talked about the horn like it was the most prized possession. (Something about about Joshua and the battle of Jericho) Then she reached and grabbed another it was a little smaller and dd the same actions... She was crying and praising god.... I didn't  feel the spirit at all. We walked away very confused.
And then the next day we met a little Asian man and he knew romantic Spanish. His name was chih like chihuahua. And he made me died laughing. 
Also this week we have had some disappointments. One day everything cancelled. But the saddest thing that probably happened was our lesson with lizabeth. (A less active with an 8 yr old daughter and a nonmember husband) We started teaching her trying to help her see the big picture that she has the opprotunity to help 3 people get baptized.... She said "no creo" the lack of faith she had. It saddened me. We went on and she strait up said that she doesn't go to church every week or read the scriptures because she doesn't want to. As I watched her be self absorbed my heart hurt. She didn't get it. She doesn't care about her family enough. She doesn't love them enough to change. She wants her three kids to grow up and do good but she won't do anything. She is hurting her eternal family. And she doesn't even care. It's so sad when people have the truth and they decide to ignore and live lower then their potential.

Saturday was the craziest say ever. It started off bright and early with a lesson with Denise Garcia. SHE IS BOMB she has been reading the folleto over and over and she says that it's answered so many of her questions. Her folleto was highlighted and when we got to the part about Jose smith she said she drew an arrow to him and wrote "me". We invited her to be baptized on the 30th of August and she said "my birthday is the next day!" How perfect. And then she accepted!
We were stoked! Then we headed all the way to montebello to go do some service for the samperios. So instead of cleaning the dirt on the walls they just had us paint over in.... It  was fun. Some good district bonding time. We are all goons and I love it. Finished it off with a shattered vase and beans and eggs fried in way too much grease.
Now here is where the miracles start. We were waiting at the bus stop to go over to the Hnas baptism. The cabreras saw us and picked us up (miracle #1) we find out that Alejandra missed the bus so she couldn't come. (But in my prayers the night before I felt like someone was going to come to the baptism) so we had to make it happen. We call elder Ramirez he picked up right away (miracle #2) we asked him to find someone that could pick up Alejandra. We call bell 1 because we have no idea where Mallory's shoes is... No answer.. Elder Ramirez called back he found a ride (miracle#3) and the way he found a ride was because there was a mission farewell party and he knew the ppl from a previous area (miracle#4) so the problem now is that we didn't know the address... Still... Hna Davis is fiddling with the phone and the iPad while I try to figure everything out with the ride. She later told me on our walk home that she had a prompting to type in Mallory's shoes in the iPad. It showed up and we had straight directions! (Miracle #4) we head out! Miracle #5 they had a van so everyone fit. We find it really quickly we pick her up I wrote the number in wrong to call the hnos but Hna Davis remembered so they found us we hopped in the van. The missionaries staled and when we showed up there were two seats right in the front (miracle 6) Hna Cabrera was just finishing her talk. Talk about perfect timing. Everything that was said was aimed at her and she really enjoyed it.
I probably missed like ten more miracles. But I was praying so hard and we scrambled and made it happen. It happened! It was awesome!

This week was good. I'm really trying to become more consecrated so that throughout my Whole life a can finish things out strong. Yesterday at church we had such a good lesson in young women's. Yes I go to young women's. We taught the lesson. We wanted it to be memorable and oh it was. Our lesson was on covenants and ordinances. One of my favorite subjects. Let's just say we ere all crying we were truly taught and instructed by the spirit. We watched a video that was shown in general conference April 2014. After the video we had a mini testimony video. It's all about the covenants. As we make and keep sacred covenants, we are able to enjoy the blessings that god wants to give us. And that just makes me so happy about the Johnson's what a step to be a forever family! Love it. Thanks for that great news. Xoxo I love you thanks for the prayers. 

Hermana Quezada 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Fidel got baptized!!!!!!

I didn't know how I was going to go down there because Covina is far
and it was right in the middle of our church. So he wanted me to sing
so we figured out a way. The ride cancelled last minute so I needed a
ride. A sweet English member dropped everything and took me right
away. When I showed up the baptism talk was just barely ended and we
were up to sing. Phew just in time.
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Faith in the Lord means Faith in his timing

I'm glad that everyone is going on missions! It's awesome! And the talk by oaks is so cool. The one that talks about resurrection and creation and the keys. It's awesome. Don't worry about the hand I get an MRI tomorrow and we will see from there. 
So this week was all over the place. We didn't have many lessons because they all fell through.. Like allllll of them. We rode around in the hot sun. And laughed a ton! Bit I have a few stories I want to tell.
#1 faith in The Lord.
We were talking to a lady from the English ward and she was complaining about having 6 missionaries in her ward. What she said really impacted me. "Why are they sending so many missionaries to our ward" "because there's a lot of work to do" and then she said something that really took me by surprise. "Well it's not going to do any good. This ward isn't going to grow" what little faith. I wanted to share this with you because it isn't little faith in just the missionaries, the ward, or the area. But the hastening of the work is directly from the prophet of The Lord. Which means you don't have faith in Him and his servants. Point is that we need to sustain our leaders and have faith in them. Because by listening and following their words we are listening and following the savior. And our savior is moving his work forward and if we don't start running we will be left behind. Like the 10 virgins. We have to fill up our oil NOW! And we have to help others to the same! Or the doors will be shut to the party we all want to be in. 
#2 faith in his timing
Like I said all of our lessons fell through this week. I don't know if it was to give me more patience. Or to see if we would endure to the end. Or what but was showed again that is is his work. Not mine. I want these people to progress so much and it doesn't move at my pace. It's on him. This is his plan and he knows. All we can do is just follow the prompting we receive and do our very best. We will see miracles this week I know it! 
But we also had a mission conference. It will be the last time we see president and sister Becerra. Talk about sad. I cried. I have so much respect and love for them and they have helped me so much. In ways that I can't say. They love me like I was their daughter and I will never forget the advice and council they always gave. I have been so blessed as a missionary. Everyday I thank The Lord for my time here. It's too short but it was critical for my life and for my future family

Go to the Facebook page #calledtoshare

Love you
Love, Hna Quezada 

as cute as these pictures are they came upside down but that is my girl......very unique even a bit crazy love her and all her imperfections.....(upside down pictures) she is pretty perfect in my and miss you sweet girl

Thursday, June 5, 2014


So what didn't happen this week. So as I told you last week. I get pink washed into San Gabriel. Which means they took 2 missionaries out of an area and they put two new ones in. So we had a week of a lot of bike riding and trying to get to know our area and people. And I'm really excited for what's going to happen here. We pretty much had to start fresh but we have already seen lots of miracles. 
We had a lesson with a new investigator Wendy.  she wants a change. The spirit was so strong and everything just clicked. It all made sense to her! And she accepted a date for the 29th of this month! Her prayer at the end was one of the most sincere prayers. She pleaded with her Heavenly Father for her family and for her to be ready to be baptized. We are so excited for them. The potential is so great and there are three others in that house that are baptismal age. Super cool. 
So had pretty bad news this week. My hand has been hurting me pretty bad and I actual have carpel tunnel and need surgery. So that will happen in a few weeks. It's not a big surgery like 20 mins. But ya it hurt me before the mission but I kinda just shook it off. We think it's from an old soccer injury. But ya that's not the news I wanted. And it's pretty sad I can't do lots of simple things like lift a gallon of milk, cut things, it hurts to write, I couldn't squeeze the sponge this morning, and biking... I just suck it up and work through the pain. 
We have a lot of part member families we work with. And the area is filled with Asians! Fillllled mom I've never seen so many Asians. All of the stores are writen in Chinese. image.jpeg
Everything. I even saw a mcdonalds in Chinese. I feel helpless trying to contact these people. It's funny because we just end up giving them a card in Chinese. It's heaven for the Chinese elders. Ha! There are also a lot of Latinos, they are just hiding.
Lots of guys have been stopping us and they kinda just want to flirt. Blah. Men. It was pretty funny some guy wanted to sell us a watch and he ended up giving it to me and then it didn't even work. High quality thing we have her in Cali. 
But my companion is awesome. We have about the same time in the mission (she's a transfer behind me) and all we do is dominate together and we have plans to baptize all of San Gabriel. She's really organized and makes me laugh. And even if we bike around allllll day long and talk to like 50 people we still laugh and we move forward. I love her!
And she does some of the goofiest things! I love it. And she cuts the watermelon for me! Cause I couldn't cut one before the mission but now it's even worse. 
She's the best. She is bomb with her Spanish and she's helping me lots! Missions really rock! 

To response to your letter. I won't have lots of pictures but I will try to send pics like it did. I got really creative with the letter last week. I wrote grandma today... I feel sad. I probably won't skype or anything.... Too much. Too distracting. But please give her my love. The plan of salvation is real. Man it's really hard for me to believe. Be strong for the boys mom. This is a perfect teaching opprotunity to share the gospel. Especially to the ones that don't understand as well. (Ron and the kids, rick, even vio and grandma Maria) you have to be the missionary in this experience mom. Make her hospital room a spirit filled room where when people come in the remember what grandma was all about. And that was love and the loves she has for her family and more importantly the gospel. Please give her a big hug for me.... Please. I'm trying to be strong over here... You can do this mom I love you so much... Please be safe and careful.
The work must go on! And it will. She will be at rest, and this experience will change lives of many. Including mine. I love you! 
Love, Hna Quezada 

This week was nuts.... Ces good job on the scholarships. And give grandma a hug for me. I hope all is ok. Man she better hang on. Unless she's in a ton of pain. Hopefully all is well. She sent me a letter last week too. So I'm going to send lots of pictures this week to show you how it went. image.jpeg
I inherited an Indian outfit. I thought I looked pretty good. I might switch it to a dress. It looks good with a belt.
And then we hike! And die because yes it is so hot here. It's cooled off a bit. And he fires really aren't affecting us. Just more bad air but.... Welcome to California. 
Connie got engaged with a gummy ring. Because money doesn't matter. And I love that because it's not about the materials it's just about love for god and each other. Once again I learned a lot about marriage this week.
Tons of purple trees! And after this day we found out that my trainee Hna crow is training! Which means I am out of Covina. But we didn't know where until Saturday night. So I had to patiently wait! 
Pupusas! Supppppppeeeeerrrrrr goooodd
District pics. Every companionship got changed this transfer... Elders are weird. But you gotta love them.
And we stressed out for three days and got so much help from the hermanas that we live with. And the English elders and yes I took charge put those elders to work and we got it done! Mom thanks for sharing your testimony with them. I love this couple so much. They are so awesome it's so fun to be a missionary. We pulled it all together with the help of god. 
Got called that night to pink wash San Gabriel with Hna Davis. So I had to say a lot of goodbyes. These boys remind me of my little brothers. They fight like you too. Jr. Jose. And Jared. They are the best. So I took lots of pics with members and what not. But it's wasn't as hard to say goodbye to these people this time. I think it's because I don't have that much time left that I will be back In no time.
Fidel gets baptized next week.!
And look how happy we are! BAPTISMS!!!! It was a really happy moment and let's just say the spirit was really strong. And see the red hair... Yep pink clothes after that baptism. And mom your not going to believe who I saw live yesterday. DAVID ARCHULETA!! He sang at the despedida. I didn't go up to him after though because that's what all the girls did and I would hate it if I was him. 
I can't believe that Cesar is graduating and life is moving. So fast there. 
I just got done cleaning an elders old pad. Talk about nasty. Cesar keep your pad clean. I love you all and have a great week!
Go do some missionary work. 
Xoxox loves, Hna Quezada 

Friday, May 23, 2014


Look mom I can cook.......
How am I? Great! Just got done with a hike! It was really fun. Just some Pday with some awesome people in my ward. The beltetons I think your friends with them on Facebook. Those seminary graduation. Wow. Talk about memory lane. They look so happy. I'm proud of them. It's so awesome to hear about the missions and the spiritual progression.i love the gospel. So about the week that I'm home before ces leaves. I would love to go camping. Just us. Us and the boys. That would be so ideal. That's one thing I really miss doing. But whatever you guys want to do I just want to do it together. But ya. It's crazy because it's just right around the corner. It doesn't stink as much going home because now I know I have a week with Cesar. But once he leaves I might be a bump on the log. And it cracks me up that my room is still messy. I thought you cleaned that forever ago. Sorry about that. My comp says "she should make you clean it" it's been over a year haha. 
We just went shopping for bridesmaid stuff. Hijole it's hard with specifics. Tiffin any blue and white. It should be cute. They are so excited! It's the couple that you bore your testimony to. So awesome. I love them so much.
And happy that me deciding to go on a mission really helped Cesar. Because I am so proud of him. I tell everyone about him and how good he is doing and where he's going. Mom I have a TL for you.... Okay I'll tell. You were told by someone in our ward that you have a good bunch of kids. A good patch! Ya! We are alright because we have the best mom! 
So this week was really normal. We picked up a mom to our investigator who is ready for a change. I'm really excited to teach her. And it was like 111 degrees all week. It is just barely starting to cool off so when you think it's hot just think about the poor missionary in Cali riding a bike across 4 cities everyday., but I love it! Transfers are this week so by Monday I'm pretty sure I'll get a new companion. But who knows. We will see. God has it all planed out and we just do his will and we are happy. I love the mission. Love life! Like always. 
Xoxox have a good week.
Love, Hna Quezada
Ps where are you going to do you externship? 
Ps:the traveling skirt is with Kristen in chile.  

My sweeeeeet companion!
Hey fam
It was so good seeing you. And thanks for your testimony mom. It really helped. They have a date for the 25th and they will be getting married on the 24th. We are planning a wedding! I was so grateful for all of those dances and activities that I planned in high school because God really prepared me for this one. Hna crow asked me if I have ever planned a wedding before (thinking I had) nope just lots of dances and parties for high school. But that's a skill I never thought I would use on my mission. 
So if you didn't catch it yesterday on skype. I got to go to a confirmation of someone I contacted on the bus about three weeks ago. The story is like this... 
Hna Johnson and I missed the bus. Just barely. And the next one didn't come until the next hour. So we waited for the next one. And on this bus I sat by David. He was headed to a mall really far from his home because he was bored. So we started talking and turned out he was a former investigator but moved and was attending a Christian church in Pasadena. (Which is about 20 min from where he currently was living) so I got his address and sent it to the missionaries in his area.... Three months later... so at that meeting I went to on Tuesday another sister trainer leader was telling me about David and how it was the David I sent to her three months back and how he got baptized. I flipped out. It was a freak out actually. BUT THAT NEVER HAPPENS! You never hear about the referrals you send out! So that was really neat to go to yesterday and he totally gave me a half hug. I will send a picture of him. David seok. A new member of Christ's church! 
So I'm so excited for Cesar. COLUMBIA! I was talking to one of the English elders yesterday "guess where my brothers going on his mission. Spanish and out of country" "Argentina!" "No cooler than Argentina" "uhhhh Columbia!" Sooooo pretty much your mission is so cool and you are way cooler than I. But know that your call was inspired by god and there are people waiting for you. So don't procrastinate your preparation. There is no time to waste. So two things mom you need to figure out family pictures that week that I am home and right before he leaves. And Cesar you should look into institute classes in the summer from uvu and possibly our seminary building. But I hear uvu institute is really good. So I was reading in alma 43 this morning and something I loved is how the nephites prepared for war and how they did so is by putting on armor and thick clothing. And when the lamanites saw them and their armor they were afraid and fled. So as we prepare ourselves spiritually satan and his follower and the temptations will take one look at us and flee. And as well if we do get hit a few times. If we have strong metal and thick clothing, the blows will not hurt us. So now the question is what are you doing to prepare for these spiritual battles that satan wants to have with us? And are we falling because our armor isn't strong enough? 
Whelp I love you tons and you look good. I was glad to talk to you yesterday. Xoxoxo don't forget to do missionary work
Love Hna Quezada 
Yep....still CRAZY

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sorry 2 weeks in one blog.....Justinas Mom is sooooo slowwwww.....

Sounds like you all had a great week. Sounds really fun. So guess what. Do you 

remember my companion Hna crawley that was waiting for her visa to Argentina. And kelsi Jensen from high school. They totally went on exchanges in Argentina! So crazy. Talk about a small world! 
    But this week was awesome we found 7 new investigators had tonnnns of lessons and almost died because of the heat. It was so hot and when I'm sitting in a lesson and I can taste dry salt sweat on my face it's too hot. Not healthy to ride a bike so much in that kind of heat. That lasted a few days and now it's normal. Thank goodness too. Poor Alecc in that Texan heat. I'm sure he got use to it. Naty gave us frozen chocolate cover strawberries and bananas and I had to go for a smoothie run. Hijole! We almost got killed by multiple dogs yesterday. Story one:opened fence and dog came out of no where and pounced by we were on our game and slammed the fence. Could have sworn it had rabies and was possessed by satan. Story two:ever dog we walked by scared us tried to jump the fence and just barked hysterically. Story three: two people were talking and and we walked by them and one of there dogs went right for my foot. The owner was really quick to pull the leash back but that was a close one because my foot was all wet from the dogs mouth...... My comp and I walk away quickly and she says "I hate dogs". I have grown a fear for dogs on my mission too. They are evil over here and satan is working through them. 
Maggie is getting baptized next week. Poor thing she is loosing hope with her dialysis. But she wants baptism. And lots of our other investigators want it too. It is amazing that the covenant of baptism can really start the pathway to eternal life. These people are aching for it.
We also met a less active family this week that I just fell in love with there are eight children only met 5 but there is a 17 yr old boy a 14 yr old and a 7 yr old. And let me tell you that it made me miss you guys. Juana the mom was wishing that her kids were little again and that it could be the way it use to be, she cried like you too mom. and I felt like I could relate to them so well. My heart is with this family and you can see the difference they feel by not going to church. But they will go! And they will become active and be a forever family like mine! 
Anyone that reads this, I would like to just say that the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the only true church on the earth today. And if you want true happiness this where you will find it. And if you have found it never leave it. Not even for a moment.
I love you so much and have a good pascua or Easter! Xoxox
Love Hna Quezada 

Looks like you had a good Easter. The pictures are cute. And about Jarod! That's awesome. That made my whole week. Have him write me. And boys. Your lame for not painting eggs with mom. Don't make her cry anymore. I'll do it next year with you! 

What a week. Well I should say what a weekend. Lots happened and it was...
so after getting ready Saturday morning we hopped on a bus at 8:30 to go have breakfast with our investigators. Have you ever had eggs, bacon, beans and salsa all mixed together. It's bomb. I was really impressed. They are really starting to like us. It's interesting because this couple was kinda a miracle they were the ones that the wife told us not to come back but then her husband invited us to come back and made his wife listen too. They are really sweet and the spirit is really working with them. She becomes more open every time we teach or we see her. I think the breaker was when she found out that we are apart from our families for so long. We sang for them too and they really liked it. We then get on another bus to go all away to our church building for the primary Easter activity (which is super far btw). That was really enjoyable. And we had a lot of non members there. I got to do lots of face painting and hide all the eggs. 
The sad part about this weekend was that Maggie had to push her date back for something that she did. Satan really works on these sweet people that are trying to better and improve their lives. The disappointment I felt was indescribable. My heart physically hurt. Not even a good game of soccer cheered me up. I was really bummed. I can't even imagine how Heavenly Father feels when his children break the commandments after knowing them and knowing that they shouldn't. BUT the good thing about not being able to talk to your mom when you want to is that you have to and get to rely and talk to your Heavenly Father. He listened to me that night. Just let me talk and get it all out. And Maggie is getting baptized still we just have to work with her a little bit longer. And she came to church yesterday with her sister and almost to be brother in law who are also getting baptized here shortly. If I love gods children this much then it's amazing on how much he loves us. Each one of us! 
But speaking about church. We had so many investigators there. Two families. 7 people. On Sunday morning we went to the Sandoval family and knocked... Silent. Called. No answer. Booo. But don't lose the faith. 8:15 am we are in front of there house they are our ride to church and they aren't even up. BUT they called back. Said they would be ready in 20 min. Ha! that's funny. So we come back after 20 min and nope not even close to ready so we help we try to get some order to all the craziness. Crazy hair, tired faces, some empty bellies, but hey they got there. We left the 2 teenage boys because they wouldn't get up. But we all packed into the car and off we went. And since it was easter(that shouldn't be an excuse) the chapel was packed! And there were lots of treats and lots of people to greet and make them feel welcomed. I think they really liked it. Things we get to do on the mission. Priceless
Okay and for the big finally, even though Maggie didn't get baptized some did. Remember 6 months ago when I was teaching naty and Jocelyn and they got baptized. And natys husband would never listen. Well I moved to Covina and so did they. But into the elders area. I was on the elders pretty consistently to go and teach them. And well after a few months Marco (dad)and Josue (son)made a covenant with god yesterday. This moment was something that a will never forget and the fact that I got to watch the whole thing from begging to end. That made it one of the best moments on my mission. Marcos smile when he came out of the water. Is something I will never forget. His testimony about the whole process. Their vision of getting sealed in the temple. Jocelyn being very emotional because it rekindled her fire and reminded her on why she got baptized! I wish I could have given him a big hug! After the mission. In a year from next week. I will be in the LA temple watching a sealing and probably have an even more rewarding feeling then I have right now. This is what missionary work is about. This is why we serve missions. So that families can be together forever! I love them so much and I love this gospel. And being a missionary makes me feel
joy. But I will do it! And I love it. The church is true. I hope you have a good week go find someone that needs the gospel each day. Member or not. Pray for it and it will happen. Xoxox
Love, Hna Quezada

Monday, April 7, 2014

my challege is to read the BOOK OF MORMON by July 1st with me.......

thats my name thats my name thats my NAME

 And I got my nails done. I have an acrylic with a hello kitty bling bling. These nails have some serious need to get use to. So the reason I have them is because we have been trying to teach this one girl ffffoooorrrreeevvvveeerrrrr but she is always busy. So she said. So she needed to practice on someone's nails. So I let her do mine and it was perfect! I got to talk to her and Hna crow got to talk to her boyfriend Guillermo. And we had no idea how much that was going to help. We came back the next day to teach her sister but she wasn't there so we taught them instead. Before we even started Connie goes. "Guess what? He read in the bom last night." The verse he read was an answer to his prayer! Alma 42:30 they pretty much have a testimony of the bom. We taught the restoration. By the end of the lesson they were both in tears. It's amazing how God prepares people. So I was prompted strongly to give them a date.... The 27th... Of April.. And they accepted. Which means. WE ARE HAVING A WEDDING! I love the, so much and we have really been showing them the vision of getting married in the temple. Love it! They are so ready. 

hello kitty ......what else.....

my favorite place

Your little joke was cute. BUT I'm too smart to fall for it. But if it was true I probably would have cried.... Meanies 
ummmmm gooooood
Slack lining w/ the elders on Pday
yes that is me!!!!!
All I can say about this week was wow. It was so fun. So crazy. So awesome. GENIAL! So on Tuesday we had the privilege of going to the temple again. But this time it was with all the leaders and president and sister becerra. (So all the sister trainer leaders and zls) and waking up at 3 was worth it. Kinda reminded me of the good old days in high school when I would leave the house at 5 to go to the temple every Tuesday. But the temple was great. There was a moment I was sitting there and I closed my eyes and there was complete silence. Complete peace. And I was testified to again that this is the true church and that god loves us so much. I was such in peace there and wanted to go home just so I could practically live in the temple. But once again the work is too important. But it was really neat we had a devotional with the temple president and he truly opened my eyes to some new things. We could ask his questions about anything! It was awesome. That is an experience that I will never forget and one of the most memorable experiences on my mission.
Okay kinda a funny story. Sweet Hna crow gave our new investigator Juan a hug. Habits die hard. We walked out of there laughing. Whoops mission probs. 
okay so Marco. Natys husband Jocelyn's dad (my recent converts) totally getting baptized! Probably next week. It has been so fun watching there progress. And in a year I will get to come back to see them sealed in the temple! So awesome! He got a blessing to stop drinking coffee and he wanted to test God so he bought a beer and went to his room and opened it. Put it to his lips and a force came over him. So he dumped it down the sink. THE CHURCH IS TRUE! GOD IS THERE! Super awesome. I'm so excited for them! 
So conference was good. It was really good to see all the peeps from Pomona. I love them. Favs were monson. Holland. Ballard(get a preach my gospel and study it). Bednar. And linda s Reeves (you should go back and read that one. It was soooooo good) I learned a lot like always but I know I can learn more. Just like king Benjamin in the book of mosiah we must read it again and study the words. Because they are truly from God. So it would be foolish if we don't. Oh and our mission is reading the whole bom before July 1 for our new mission president Villanueva. You should do it to. And did you hear? President Becerra got called as an area 70 we allll freaked out. He is going to do great. He will probably be the prophet in a about 30 years. But over here the mission is great love it like always. And I'm strengthened daily for what I know and what I learn. It isn't my work but it is his. So I will do all I can do be his instrument for the rest of my life and forever after.
Have a great week! Loves
Hna Quezada