Thursday, August 22, 2013



Mom, so let me tell you my side of the story.
about 6:50 ring ring "ohio? thats weird." "hi this is Sister Quezada" "hola hermana quezada (in spanish) the missionaries gave me you number and I was wondering if you could tell me more about your church." "yes of course" "could meet up today just to meet you. it will be really short" "um can you do it tomorrow?" "no tonight would be the best..." (okay short lesson with a less active) could we meet at a mcdonalds or your church or something?" "ya do you know  where the church is?" "ya" "could we meet you at 8:30?" "si" "oh cual es su nombre?" "uhhh jose"..... anyways have our half lesson. and we get a text at 8:10 saying he was there.... WAAAA who shows up 20 min early nobody. it is usually 20 min late. So ya we get there and there is a senior couple there with OUR MEMBER PRESENT (we had to get a member because he was a guy.) and the senior couple is all worried for our welfare because these 2 young men have been waiting here since 7:15. anyways one of them get out of the car and hes white?? what? and my first thought was dang it he is young we will have to pass him off the the singles ward elders. so this guy says "hey my friend really needs the gospel in his life we just wanted to come and meet you and maybe set up an appointment.""wait are you a member?" "ya" "ya thats fine does he want to meet us? maybe get a tour?" "ya that would be great" the senior couple was less worried now because he was a member. so they come back. and I FRREEEAAAAKKKKK OOUUUTTT! I started bawling and blahhhhh my brother was there. All I said was "what are you doing here"

. I couldn't believe it. It was crazy. yes he gave me a long hug and I guess his friend was explaining to the senior couple. Wow it was crazy. I thought it would be hard to refocus but not too bad. Actually gave me more amo. It was crazy though. and the shoes are darling. HK where did you find those. super cute. and thanks for the box.

 Sounds like you are in full force going crazy once again. MOM DO MA. it will be hard and time consuming but think about the results after this year. you will have so much more time and you wont be so worn down. And the pay will be better too. Do it mom. you are doing better with the scripture thing. 2n 25:23-26. I realize how much I don't know everyday. there is soooooo much I need to know. that people expect me to know.

But this week was great. we almost hit all of our goals we have 5 new investigators. and 3 people came to church. 2 of which are a mother daughter duo that are so getting baptised and they like church. I love them so much and they really are making changes in there lives. It is so awesome! We have had some really powerful lessons this week and just a lot of good things happening here in pomona. Loving it too. its the best when you actually feel like you are making progress! I love being a missionary. it is so crazy on how fast the time flies. Its actually really sad. I need more time I feel like I just got here. and man its just flying.
 Te quiero muchisimo. estoy muy contento. y estoy agradacida por su apoyo. tenga una buena semana. xxooxoxo con todo de mi corazon, 
Hermana Quezada

PS give mwalk a squeeze from me.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


cute little Mia (we love hello kitty soooo much.)


Ya sorry about the pictures the computer I used last week would let me send any. And the picture a day thing is a fail. But I at least take one once a week. Its really hard to take a pic a day (mainly because I forget and we do the same things every day) so it would mostly just be of our faces a whole bunch of times. and that's not super fun to look at. and the tic tac thing I don't do that either. I didn't need to with my first set of companions and now its too late to start with this one. Hna ward is a good missionary. We have a lot of good times together and we are both motivated. oh the clicker...  your week sounds fun. repelling.. Texans.. trafalga.. nickel city.. sports of course.. 

My week was crazy. we lost 4 good investigators this week. one was an English pass off. one moved. one dropped us because he doesn't have time because he just started school. and the other Steve.. remember him. ya broke my heart he told us pretty much he isn't ready to give up some things. :( estoy triste. You put your heart and soul into it and then they just reject... its hard but we also found two more this week that we are excited about.

so last Pday we went exploring and found this buddist community. It is like on top of a hill in the middle of the city. I felt like I was in a deserted capitol from the hunger games. It was crazy. super strange. So Its like a buddist charity thing. really odd. kinda cool. but tad bit strange and you cant eat meat there...... interesting... okay I loved yesterday...
Nobody came to church.. BUT we went to YW. 5 girls in there whole mujeres jovenes. we talked about the temple. they asked us to share our experiences with the temple too. The spirit was so strong. made me miss the ward. I cant express enough of how much of a blessing the temple is. It is my favorite places in the whole world. No matter who you are what you have gone through of what you are doing right now. EVERYONE should prepare to go to the temple and continue to go. There are so many women in this ward whose husbands aren't members and how it breaks my heart that they are missing out on blessings. Don't settle and always look to the temple. The spirit was so strong and there were many tears. I feel inadequate day in and day out but when the spirit is with me I can do it. That is something I have been working on. getting the spirit to think through me. and it is hard. harder then you would think. 

I love being a missionary...Ruiz family
Thank you for the support. All I want is letters. I love you all so much and thanks for being my family. keep doing good. I'm trying to be a good missionary. I fall short a lot. but I am trying. hope all is well and have an incredible week
con todo de mi amor, 

Hermana Quezada

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Your sunday sounds awesome! It will be nice to just be able to listen and understand everything people are saying in chuch! soon enough. wait so does nate go in this wednesday?? oh wait what MTC?? oh and hows tadd doing???

My sunday was good. we had  a lady come she is only a potential. and she didn't like church and she doesn't want to hear the lessons... but she said she is going to come back to church next sunday... WHAT??? super weird but she might not be ready yet. We had a good week tho and we have a new vision to baptise. so we will. oh yes we didn't move. Transfers came and gone and I am in pomona with hna. ward. We are going to have a bomb transfer. Im way excited. We made this thing called the "mini restoration" love it. It is a super quick restoration and sets up a perfect follow up lesson! the 2nd lesson is the hardest because everyone works and is too busy for the truth!

okay kinda cool. so we were contacting and this guy was like "Quezada? two of my neighbors are Quezada's" "oh really?" sooooooo guys whoes doors we knocked next?? quezada 1 and 2. BUT we had to be sly.. "we were talking to your neighbors and they said you would like to hear our message about Christ" "talking talking talking..." "y como se llama?" "andres" "mucho gusto soy Hna. Quezada" Quezada?? ""somos quezadas" " de veras?" BOOM INVITED US TO COME BACK! love it!
 my last name has come in handdy on my mission. 

#1 everyone can say it 
#2 its the running joke that I cant speak spanish
 #3 if they don't know I cant speak spanish its really easy to trick them in thinking I do!

okay we had the opprotunity to go to Pasadena and go to a baptism of one of hna wards old investigators. Super spiritual. Listening to english primary song made me bawl. It was really spiritual for me.something i really needed. his name was hunter 11yrs. his mom was a less active. They did this together and once he was baptised his mom said "how was that?"
 " I LOVED IT" that is exactly what everyone should say.. We love it! we love this gospel we want to do everything we can to continue to grow in it! that is the purpose of this life. Grow. cada dia! we found a lot of people this week I am getting more and more excited about sharing the gospel with everyone I see. 

Mom im glad you took that question to church that is a perfect answer! keep going strong! you are doing great! I love you so much!!!!! 

2N 31:20 have a great week!

ALL OF MY LOVE! Hermana Quezada