Sunday, June 29, 2014

Fidel got baptized!!!!!!

I didn't know how I was going to go down there because Covina is far
and it was right in the middle of our church. So he wanted me to sing
so we figured out a way. The ride cancelled last minute so I needed a
ride. A sweet English member dropped everything and took me right
away. When I showed up the baptism talk was just barely ended and we
were up to sing. Phew just in time.
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Faith in the Lord means Faith in his timing

I'm glad that everyone is going on missions! It's awesome! And the talk by oaks is so cool. The one that talks about resurrection and creation and the keys. It's awesome. Don't worry about the hand I get an MRI tomorrow and we will see from there. 
So this week was all over the place. We didn't have many lessons because they all fell through.. Like allllll of them. We rode around in the hot sun. And laughed a ton! Bit I have a few stories I want to tell.
#1 faith in The Lord.
We were talking to a lady from the English ward and she was complaining about having 6 missionaries in her ward. What she said really impacted me. "Why are they sending so many missionaries to our ward" "because there's a lot of work to do" and then she said something that really took me by surprise. "Well it's not going to do any good. This ward isn't going to grow" what little faith. I wanted to share this with you because it isn't little faith in just the missionaries, the ward, or the area. But the hastening of the work is directly from the prophet of The Lord. Which means you don't have faith in Him and his servants. Point is that we need to sustain our leaders and have faith in them. Because by listening and following their words we are listening and following the savior. And our savior is moving his work forward and if we don't start running we will be left behind. Like the 10 virgins. We have to fill up our oil NOW! And we have to help others to the same! Or the doors will be shut to the party we all want to be in. 
#2 faith in his timing
Like I said all of our lessons fell through this week. I don't know if it was to give me more patience. Or to see if we would endure to the end. Or what but was showed again that is is his work. Not mine. I want these people to progress so much and it doesn't move at my pace. It's on him. This is his plan and he knows. All we can do is just follow the prompting we receive and do our very best. We will see miracles this week I know it! 
But we also had a mission conference. It will be the last time we see president and sister Becerra. Talk about sad. I cried. I have so much respect and love for them and they have helped me so much. In ways that I can't say. They love me like I was their daughter and I will never forget the advice and council they always gave. I have been so blessed as a missionary. Everyday I thank The Lord for my time here. It's too short but it was critical for my life and for my future family

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Love you
Love, Hna Quezada 

as cute as these pictures are they came upside down but that is my girl......very unique even a bit crazy love her and all her imperfections.....(upside down pictures) she is pretty perfect in my and miss you sweet girl

Thursday, June 5, 2014


So what didn't happen this week. So as I told you last week. I get pink washed into San Gabriel. Which means they took 2 missionaries out of an area and they put two new ones in. So we had a week of a lot of bike riding and trying to get to know our area and people. And I'm really excited for what's going to happen here. We pretty much had to start fresh but we have already seen lots of miracles. 
We had a lesson with a new investigator Wendy.  she wants a change. The spirit was so strong and everything just clicked. It all made sense to her! And she accepted a date for the 29th of this month! Her prayer at the end was one of the most sincere prayers. She pleaded with her Heavenly Father for her family and for her to be ready to be baptized. We are so excited for them. The potential is so great and there are three others in that house that are baptismal age. Super cool. 
So had pretty bad news this week. My hand has been hurting me pretty bad and I actual have carpel tunnel and need surgery. So that will happen in a few weeks. It's not a big surgery like 20 mins. But ya it hurt me before the mission but I kinda just shook it off. We think it's from an old soccer injury. But ya that's not the news I wanted. And it's pretty sad I can't do lots of simple things like lift a gallon of milk, cut things, it hurts to write, I couldn't squeeze the sponge this morning, and biking... I just suck it up and work through the pain. 
We have a lot of part member families we work with. And the area is filled with Asians! Fillllled mom I've never seen so many Asians. All of the stores are writen in Chinese. image.jpeg
Everything. I even saw a mcdonalds in Chinese. I feel helpless trying to contact these people. It's funny because we just end up giving them a card in Chinese. It's heaven for the Chinese elders. Ha! There are also a lot of Latinos, they are just hiding.
Lots of guys have been stopping us and they kinda just want to flirt. Blah. Men. It was pretty funny some guy wanted to sell us a watch and he ended up giving it to me and then it didn't even work. High quality thing we have her in Cali. 
But my companion is awesome. We have about the same time in the mission (she's a transfer behind me) and all we do is dominate together and we have plans to baptize all of San Gabriel. She's really organized and makes me laugh. And even if we bike around allllll day long and talk to like 50 people we still laugh and we move forward. I love her!
And she does some of the goofiest things! I love it. And she cuts the watermelon for me! Cause I couldn't cut one before the mission but now it's even worse. 
She's the best. She is bomb with her Spanish and she's helping me lots! Missions really rock! 

To response to your letter. I won't have lots of pictures but I will try to send pics like it did. I got really creative with the letter last week. I wrote grandma today... I feel sad. I probably won't skype or anything.... Too much. Too distracting. But please give her my love. The plan of salvation is real. Man it's really hard for me to believe. Be strong for the boys mom. This is a perfect teaching opprotunity to share the gospel. Especially to the ones that don't understand as well. (Ron and the kids, rick, even vio and grandma Maria) you have to be the missionary in this experience mom. Make her hospital room a spirit filled room where when people come in the remember what grandma was all about. And that was love and the loves she has for her family and more importantly the gospel. Please give her a big hug for me.... Please. I'm trying to be strong over here... You can do this mom I love you so much... Please be safe and careful.
The work must go on! And it will. She will be at rest, and this experience will change lives of many. Including mine. I love you! 
Love, Hna Quezada 

This week was nuts.... Ces good job on the scholarships. And give grandma a hug for me. I hope all is ok. Man she better hang on. Unless she's in a ton of pain. Hopefully all is well. She sent me a letter last week too. So I'm going to send lots of pictures this week to show you how it went. image.jpeg
I inherited an Indian outfit. I thought I looked pretty good. I might switch it to a dress. It looks good with a belt.
And then we hike! And die because yes it is so hot here. It's cooled off a bit. And he fires really aren't affecting us. Just more bad air but.... Welcome to California. 
Connie got engaged with a gummy ring. Because money doesn't matter. And I love that because it's not about the materials it's just about love for god and each other. Once again I learned a lot about marriage this week.
Tons of purple trees! And after this day we found out that my trainee Hna crow is training! Which means I am out of Covina. But we didn't know where until Saturday night. So I had to patiently wait! 
Pupusas! Supppppppeeeeerrrrrr goooodd
District pics. Every companionship got changed this transfer... Elders are weird. But you gotta love them.
And we stressed out for three days and got so much help from the hermanas that we live with. And the English elders and yes I took charge put those elders to work and we got it done! Mom thanks for sharing your testimony with them. I love this couple so much. They are so awesome it's so fun to be a missionary. We pulled it all together with the help of god. 
Got called that night to pink wash San Gabriel with Hna Davis. So I had to say a lot of goodbyes. These boys remind me of my little brothers. They fight like you too. Jr. Jose. And Jared. They are the best. So I took lots of pics with members and what not. But it's wasn't as hard to say goodbye to these people this time. I think it's because I don't have that much time left that I will be back In no time.
Fidel gets baptized next week.!
And look how happy we are! BAPTISMS!!!! It was a really happy moment and let's just say the spirit was really strong. And see the red hair... Yep pink clothes after that baptism. And mom your not going to believe who I saw live yesterday. DAVID ARCHULETA!! He sang at the despedida. I didn't go up to him after though because that's what all the girls did and I would hate it if I was him. 
I can't believe that Cesar is graduating and life is moving. So fast there. 
I just got done cleaning an elders old pad. Talk about nasty. Cesar keep your pad clean. I love you all and have a great week!
Go do some missionary work. 
Xoxox loves, Hna Quezada