Thursday, May 23, 2013

1st week in California and I knew I would love it.....

 So lets start with I have two companions One is a visa waiter and one is my trainer. Hna Crawly is on her way to Argentina but is waiting of course for her Visa so untill then she is with us. She is super cute super loving and always seeing the good and positive in everyone. She knows a lot of spanish she was in the intermediate class in the MTC but I feel like I am keeping up pretty well. The field is great! I am so excited to be here and I think I will be in Pomona for a while but that is okay because the ward is great and there is a lot of work to be done here! Im ready to attack this place. Hna LaPierre is a doll. I guess she has a blog so if you want more info go check that out as well. She is a great trainer and we have a lot of fun together. We have the same sense of humor and then at the same time know when to be serious. She is itty bitty too. She wears a size 2 shoe and her hands are      prolly as big as hondos no joke. She is 5 ft and just darling Im am the big companion. Imagine that? hahaha very funny "never thought that would happen" oh and she is from Boston.

And I thought Utah Drivers were scary......oh wait THEY ARE!!!!!!  

The people in Pomona are awesome very open to the gospel and super ready. We should have a baptism soon. the mission goal is one every month. so we are working really hard for one. Maria came to church which was a miracle and I am really excited I love these people so much it is nuts. so we live with a member. She is asian and is never home but her house is nice and ya. 
Hermana LaPierre y Hermana Quezada
Okay quick story so after church yesterday we went to go visit Josephina our investigator and she wasn't there so we decided to talk to her boyfriends two girls instead. She watched the restoration video and talked about it for a minute. and I got this overwelming feeling to invite to baptism. NO I DONT KNOW SPANISH! yes said the spirit, NO yes NO okay fine. And so I did. and this 15 year old girl started bawling. So them I started crying and same with Hna LaPierre. I asked if this is something she wanted and she did. She wants this! and right when she was going to open up to her Josephina came in. SATAN using so manythings to kill the spirit. dogs birds phones children.. and in this case other people. But i have faith it will be good we have our foot in the door and everything will work out! I love you and the gospel is so true. Im sorry not too many stories but there are so many I write them down so I will tell all someday. xoxoxo love you
Les Quiero, Hermana Quezada

At a Waterfall on Pday
(yep the graffi is in spanish also)

Wouldnt be me if I didnt have my mouth crazy.........

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Look WHO I found....
Mi Hermanas

  California......Ready or Not Here I come!!!!!!!!           

We leaving the MTC on Tuesday around 5:30am and our flight leaves at like 8:50 if i am remembering correctly. entonces guardara your phone on you from about 7 to 9 they haven't really told us much about the calling so idk. so just be prepared!
Okay so what happened this week. I got released :( it was kinda a sad day. I thought I had one more week with my hermanas but president had different plans. esta bien I have had a lot more time doing nothing at night. hahha we had in field orientation yesterday. that made we super excited for Tuesday pero se nada. pero el Senor ayudare me. con JesuCristo puedo todas cosas. the spanish is maso menos the evangelio espanol is better i am like half way on that and then everything else is well it is there. I am going to be humbled once again on tuesday but estoy animo por el campo.
My district has given up on studying. Just because we are leaving. my companion and I think it is really sad because there is always more room to improve so we just go find an empty room and study. it is sad to see people sell themselves short. :( but everyone has their agency. Okay I got renamed to grandma in the district porque I am stirn when things need to be done. but I can be fun and I always have treats:) I got a laugh out of that one.
Okay new challenge I am doing with mi mismo that you and the fam should do. I ask the Lord every morning something I can change or improve on to become more like christ. It is between you and the Lord and as you ask sincerly He will deffinately bring something to your mind and once He does you better listen. Oviously we still will do that thing sometimes as you become aware of it you will do it less and less untill it is gone. ask Him every morning for something else. they are prolly pretty small because you are almost perfect but there are still things. Les quiero familia. you se que esto Evangelio es verdad y por medio lo podemos ser con nuestras familias otra vez. This concept is the most important and I'm so happy I have my family. LOVE YOU have a better week then the one previous
OH I CHOPPED MY HAIR donated 10 inches. I did it because you couldn't ever see my nametag whats the point of a beautiful name tag with Christ's name on it if no body can see it. Oh yes my thought exactly!
WOWZER......10 inches
LOVE YOUR HAIR !!!!!!!!!!
Hermana Quezada
Thank you for your support

Monday, May 6, 2013

I LOVE THE MTC....!1 more week

California Biggest RICE Crispy ever........

1st time being a HOST hurry Kristen IM waiting....


OUR normal ZONE

 Friends From Springville 

look MOM i can still do laundry......

PDAY CHANGE! sorry I didn't write on monday our pday got switched to friday. Some people wrote letters home but I thought I would obey and just wait like a little girl. Uh im trying to think of what happened this last week and a half. class study class study crying hermana class study! can I just say girls are very emotional. and all I tell them is go to the Lord and go to bed. HAHAHAHa not really but in a really short summary thats what I say. BUT I love my calling I have a love for these girls like I have never felt love before. Okay mom so you will get a crack out of this one. So I was wearing my dress.. you know the blue one.. well this Hermana was all like "Hey sister I love you MINT dress" NOOOOOOOO my life is over ITS BLUE!!! hahaha I thought you would get a kick out of that one. And could you send me a small pedigry chart. oh and you can pick and choose whatgoes on my blog. It doesn't matter to me. And thanks for the rice crispy I was the biggest hit! Yes we have speakers all the time but not anyone like Elder Scott but they are always good. I'm not in the choir. It was during class but now it isn't so I think I will go this week and do it for my last time! but they always sound good! I wear the black ones or the white ones the most. My feet are always done by the end of the day though. YA we are aloud to be on the feild! so I play vball and mess around with a soccer ball. There aren't enough hermanas to play soccer. pero we make due. I do get really envious of the elders tho. I just want to go play with them:( and no more 4 square we have the opprotunity to be outside so we take it. Gain weight! Im always gaining weight. Just playing no i am about the same. Short and squatty as ever! my favorite thing is getting closer or better at anything because I have a lot to improve on and It is getting easier. Im gettingkinda anxious for the field. I feel like im going to throw up everytime I think about it! ahhhhhh so Iwas in 3nefi 24 and it had a verse on the refiners fire. Study it it is so interesting. because the refiner is christ and he separates the good metal from the bad metal. and then to shape us he needs to put us through fire. so whenyou are put through fire or you feel the heat from a trail or a burden just remember that you are in the Lords hands being shaped so let him shape you! Every single person needs improvement. If you think you have arrived you are in trouble. swollow your pride the good things you do and have are from the Lord so praise Him not yourself. Sorry tangent! OH follow your promptings I have some really good experiences with listening to the spirit. So slow down in you busy lives and ask if someone needs your help today. usually answers to prayers are through other people so be an answer to someones oracion. I love you and I will write a letter today tambien.

Thank YOU Grandma BEAR!!!!!