Thursday, April 25, 2013

Luckiest GIRL in the world to serve with amazing people :)

I love the temple!!!!

Im not short ......Hermana Underwood is just TALL

Learning ESPANOL

DOIN BUENO! I am glad the talks went well. Mom i'm sure you did great you always do. and I wasn't worried about Kristen she is ready for the Mission stuff. Well nobody can be truly ready but she is more prepared then most. My guy friend??? He is unknown to me I haven't heard from any boy but my dearest Elder Shields! Ty is so cute (in an elder hermana kinda way) I found the Herman thing funny too. Okay quick story. So I always say Jesu Smith instead of Jose Smith y Hna U always corrects me. So ensenamos Mario and Hna u was like Jesu Smith es un profeta... Mario gives a funny face and I quickly say JOSE! I diiiiiieeeeeddddd She is so good at spanish and she makes her mistakes in the lessons. I love her she is such a good sport and just laughs it off. Okay well the spanish is coming. I progress everyday so that is all the Lord asks. And I need to remember it is on His time not mine. Challeges??? uhhh.. Trying to be the best example of a sister missionary for the otra Hermanas BUT that is one of the best partas tambien! I love being obedient it is the best. Yes classes all day and our zone leaders call me Hna Tostada, nijada, Quezada... y Madre... I keep everyone on track. Elders get so distracted its ridiculous. Oh well they are elders. The same thing happens almost everyday so the journal writing gets smaller and smaller every night! OH before I forget Richard G. Scott came on Tuesday it was great! he is a great example of quiet dignity. He made me rethink about how I pray and he gave us a blessing that we would get the language! ANSWER TO MY PRAYERS!! loved it. So funny story with that tambien. Los Elderes y Hermanas were comen cena y I was like we have to get seats because a member from the 12 is coming ( we never know who is coming) Elders: no we just had conference it wont be a member of the 12.. We are just going into the over flow... Okay whatever.. My companeray yo corremos to 19 m we are singing and todos missonarios stand up. Of course I cannot see so I am jumping trying to see who it was y mi compenero (being almost 6 ft) ITS RICHARD G SCOTT!!!! I am a pyscic! completely spelled that wrong! its fabulous! love the CCM.. sorry espanol MTC DONT SEND TREATS send catas y fun snacks no sweets por favor pero you do appriciate the sour watermelons gracias! Idk more info but If you are feeling down just remember the Lord loves week things so He can make you strong. Dios does not expect perfection but He is pleased with progression. So try to progress everyday! Keep going to the temple. and Leen leer el Libro de Mormon. Te Quiero mucho. me gusta cartas:)
Love, Hermana Quezada

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