Tuesday, April 9, 2013

1st week in the MTC

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Hey guys. So it is my p day and I get a whole hour on the computer. Woop woop. but sorry about the short letter. I will write a longer one today. We literally do this. wake up at 6:30 gym, personal study, bfast, compainion study, lunch, language study, class, dinner, companion study, class, oh wait its already 9:30. gotta go to the residence hall. And after Hermana Gaines talks to us on how our day went I never have  time to write in my journal. Blahhhh Last night I went to bed 10min late:( The hermana's in my district all are trying to be 100 percent obedient. The hardest part is getting to bed on time. These last two nights have been hard. Two nights ago I was 20 min late.. But i had a lot to write in my journal. I'm going to try better tonight. So the only things I can do en Espanol es orar y testimonia es muy horrible we had our first lesson with Brenda on Friday.... ya... it was... ya... we went in thinking we were going to explain prayer and teach her how to pray.... We ended up sitting in silence because I bore my testimony on familias eternal. and she didn't understand the concept. But our minds did not know how to explain ANYTHING besides our testimony en espanol. It was interesting. So the first day at the MTC was so intense. Everyone always says that. But its so true. Izzy made it so much easier. He leaves tomorrow. Another thing that makes it easier is I see everyone fromspringville. Elder Dohner, Stanley, Clyde, Barker, Edmunds, Adams, Bate, Ross, ye Moris, ye Sister Daybell HONDO!!! I know I am missing  people but my companion and my district think I am the most popular person in the whole MTC. Which always seeing them kinda makes me feel that way. But It helps so much seeing people. We are going to try to get a pic by the map but it is so hard to get everyone together because there are SOOOO many people here. I also see a ton of people from USU. Its weird tho because most of them never knew my last name so I hear this random JUSTINA! and I haven't been called that for sooooo long. Oh well.

So how is my companion? Hermana Underwood and I get along very well. She is 21 and is 5'11" so we are kinda opposites. Our spiritual veiws and how well we know the language are very similar. But our social is really different. Like what we like to do and stuff like that is different. She doesn't play sports(but is a good sport because she will come to the gym with me GYM TIME IS THE BEST!!!!) she doesn't sing or do any kind of music(but once again she is a good sport and goes to choir with me) and she can kinda be awkward when trying to be funny. But we love her. she is amazing and is very smart. she graduated high school with her associates... CESAR THATS YOUR GOAL!!! okay not at all causeshes crazy;P Love her tho. We work well together cause I kinda take charge but we listen really well to eachother and we are on the same page most of the time. It is kinda hard getting use to a companion. Okay I'll give you a story. We were talking to Her. U brother who is also in the MTC. and all of his elder friends. and Hermana was like "I have togo to the bath room." she got up and started walking toward the building... I just sat there. The elders were like.. "Hermana Quezada you have to go with her." I jumped up. "oh right" ahhhhhh It is an adjustment getting use to. and yes we have 4 Hermanas in our residence. Hermana Wallace y Perry. They are great. Oh I forgot to tell you the best part about all of them. THEY ARE GOING TO SANTA ROSA CALI!!!! crazy right! Go convert my family!!! hahaha

So the hardest thing is feeling so small. On friday I was so down after our lesson. But God loves weak things. We have to first be weak so that we can be made strong. We watched vocal point yesterday and they were AMAZING one of my new favorite songs is nearer my God to me. AHH im a baby. but we watched this video from an old devotional given by Elder Holland and he had a quote in there that I loved. "Come tho the Edge" He said. "no I will fall" "Come To The Edge" He said "no I will fall" "COME TO THE EDGE" so I went to the edge, and He pushed me.. and I flew. That is what the MTC is doing to me. Pushing me off the edge so I can fly! I love it here. Yo se que la inglesia es verdadero. and I wouldn't be here if it wasn't. and I am so glad you guys went to a session. That is amazing. Conference was so good! my favorite talk was prolly E. Scotts. "be obedient and you will be made strong" good stuff. inspired men.

Yes Cez I am jealous. I was telling my companion that you were going and :( and the MTC is great! not bad. hard but not bad. Hondo your taking my spot already but I loved that movie did you like it?:( Kiki greek food is so good! have you tried greek yogart? it is way better than normal yogart. I dont know why. but it is. Okay I love you I am going to try and send pictures. Keep going strong and in conference it said you should be kneeling in family prayer every night so do it! keep striving to be better then you were yesterday! LOVE YOU!
Le amo, Hermana Quezada-

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