Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Who the heck is Herman Quezada???hahaha Did you mean Hermana (Sister) Quezada

Can you PLEASE write!!!!!!!

My favorite weather......RAIN RAIN....
w/ companion Hermana Underwood.

Hey mom ya an hour goes really fast. Alecc wrote me and I havent read it yet, so he will be next! Brandon James also wrote me. but ya. You have to let me know how hope of america goes. Did you lose all your parent volunters?? I hope not! well GOOOODLUUUCK! How did he ask her? I hated that I sware half the girls on tour got asked on tour.. and I was never one of them. Well tthe choir kids just love eachother. CEZ be careful! hahaha your going on a mission remember! Hondo that punk I knew he would do good. Oh well I guess you can have a new best friend. But it is really weird not to talk to you everyday. I was telling Hermana Underwood that is probably the worst part. Oh well just got to refocus and narrow in on why I am here. I get refocused all the time and it is much needed! And for your talk just talk by the spirit! done. It shouldn't be you talking it should be Him talking through you. That is something we always forget. You should go into your talk thinking "what should I say" it is what does the Lord want me to say? and t THEN He will give you the strength to say it. I can bare testimony of that. So pray about it and be led by the spirit. Go to the temple with your talk in mind. That might help. Trust in the Lord and He can take your fear! I hope that helped sorry no real material but it should be inspired through you not me! Ya I will be able to see kristen not at the curb but once she gets into the MTC I can walk her around! No soccer the field is closed... way lame Oh well four square is going to have to do! So no it is 4 of us in our room we get two more on wed. Meand Her. U are comps y Her. Wallace/Her. Perry are comps Ill tell you more in a letter. Sandwhich the only problem with that is I wouldn't get it untill the next afternoon and I dont open my packages untill night because I like to stay focused. So idk whatever works. Spanish es muy dificil. One of my teachers says es facil.... no es facil.. Oh well it is getting better. i sent some pics last week I'll send more! The easiest thing here is the feel the spirit (I actually got called as the sister training leader yesterday.., this is like a zone leader for the girls. Since there are so many new sister missionaries there is a need for a sister leader tambien. I feel very overwhelmed but also very excited. for the new sisters to come this wed. It will be fun!) But I have been really striving to feel the spirit more intendly this week. and It is incredible on how quick the spirit can leave you. Go look up the 40 day fast! its a talk I am trying to do this so that I can have the spirit with me at all times! Oh that reminds me. I would love for you to study some good talks and send them to me. Things you think could help or uplift my spirit! I love reading inspirational things! and thanks for all the packages and letters! I have the best friends and family! I can feel the support so greatly! GOOD LUCK KRISTEN your farewell talk will be great! Let me know how it goes! Yo se que el libro de mormon es verdadera y Dios es muy amoroso. you se que JesuCristo es el Hijo de Dios y es nuestro savidor. El Evangelio es muy importante SO stay fuerte! I love this work and it is such an exciting time to me a missionary! love life and go do some good forsomeone else. When you are feeling down go and serve! He is hastening His work... So help Him out! I love you! 
Te amo, Hermama Quezada

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