Friday, March 7, 2014

Im opening a new area with a new trainy.......crazy right

Happy day!!!!!!!!

And I really love your reflection on the angels landing. I haven't ever hiked that actually. But sounds super cool. Love that everything can relate to the gospel.
zone conference
This week was totally crazy. On Tuesday I get a call from president that papa is in town and we are going to have a meeting together at his house the next day. Which went really well. I have permission to teach him via skype as long as he intends to try to do things god wants for him. So papa if you are reading this. Just let me know when you can... So Tuesday night I got another call from the APs telling me that I would be training this next transfer. So SURPRISE I'm training again (Hna Johnson is going to finish Hna Covingtons training) in this same phone call I was told I would be opening an area. I will be roaming the ward of covina. So that means I will work in Covina West Covina and Baldwin park. There is lots of work to be done but I'm kinda nervous because as of right now I have no investigators. And I'm getting a new Hermana in two days. So the last shock came Saturday night when the APs called again and told me that I would be a new sister training leader. (Which is like a zone leader but for girls and a little less responsibility because we are in charge of the Hnas and there are less of them). So if you didn't catch all that. I saw papa this week. I'm training. I'm opening a new area for missionaries. And I'm a sister trainer. Lots of things all at once, I have prayed really hard this week. And I had a thought the other day from a missionary that sent me a letter a llllooooonnnnngggggg time ago. So my thought was "I don't know how to do this. Open an area with a trainy... You are right you don't know how do it.. But The Lord does." He knows how to do everything. And this isn't my new area this is his new area I am simply just the tool he is using to touch these people. I have been humbled over and over this week. 
I have had lots of meetings and we went to the baptism of jayda yesterday. Which was really special. Now Brianna and jayda have the Holy Ghost. A lady said to me yesterday."good job. You are seeing your fruits." My immediate reaction was "my fruits? I did nothing! these little angels were prepared from The Lord." Once again I was humbled. 
And another special moment I had this week was during sacrament meeting I was sitting with naty and Jocelyn. I gave naty a few encouraging looks for her to go and bare her testimony. She is so little cute and shy. But I knew she was going to do it. She popped up and walked to the pulpit. She has truly changed. She introduced herself to the ward and bore powerful testimony. I felt like a proud mommy. I was so happy for her and I truly am blessed to be here with these amazing people. 
Oh we had another miracle happen this week. So Fidel needs some more time before his baptism but we were in a lesson with him his daughter Martha and our recent convert his wife matilde. Annnyyywwwhhhooo Fidel had all these questions. And we sat back and let matilde and Martha teach. Martha was the one doing most of the talking. She was testifying and explaining.,.... And SHE NOT EVEN A MEMBER YET! She even said she knew it was true! And she came to church yesterday as well. The sad thing about all the changes is that I won't be able to teach them anymore but they will be baptized very soon. 
To answer your question. This last transfer we struggled with finding. I didn't feel like we were slacking off. Just that all the people we talked to didn't live in our area. But we still had many miracles and will have more baptisms soon. Aleccs letter remotivated me and we will have many more this transfer
Welp like always gotta go slack line with the elders and still completely love my life as a missionary. I will forever be changed and I love that. Xoxox go serve someone this week and I hope you love doing it.
Les quiero, Hna Quezada 

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