Sunday, March 23, 2014

Saw my dad/ Got a new Companion/ Turned 20 best 2 weeks ever........

Look who I saw.......

ummmmmm im 20???? 

New Companion
This week... Oh what a week it has been.. Probably worst week numbers wise but the numbers don't matter. Anywho the first two days I was in English work waiting for my trainy (Hna crow from Orem) taught sweet sister Allan how to contact someone in Spanish. And guess what. She came home last night and SHE DID IT and got an address. I was so happy for her. Every English missionary needs to learn a Spanish contact. So Tuesday night got Hna crow she was so excited about the work and just loves complimenting me. I don't necessarily like tons of compliments but she does look up to me a lot and she thinks I'm pretty perfect. I think I'm fooling her pretty well. But the bad part is she is comparing herself like I did. BUT. I don't know what for because she is way more prepared then I was and her Spanish is sooooo much better then mine was. She is a good missionary and really loves The Lord WHICH is the best tool you can have because at motivation overcomes many others. So wed had a long meeting for leaders that was all day but I learned a lot and then Thursday we had to turn around and teach it to our zone so we didn't really get to work in our new area until Thursday night. And let me tell you that was an adventure. We are meeting tons of people that want us to come over and teach them... Small problem... We can't find like any of their addresses. At times it frustrates me and then I just laugh it off. We missed so many appointments because we couldn't find house. ( oh forgot to mention they forgot to order us a phone so we are also phone less! Which is super hard being a missionary without a phone and even harder opening an area not knowing where anything is.) 
We got some cow tongue tacos at a taqueria that reminded me of Quezada market. But this time I could speak to all of the employees and people there in Spanish instead of just not knowing. It was awesome!
Picked avocados fresh from a tree and lemons too. You know just living the Cali life. The heat is back I enjoy it too a point then I'm just sweating all over the place. Loving the bike. I'm scared to use my basket because I know it will get stolen in Baldwin park. Because the elders bikes get stolen there. Like 5 or so but it's all good the more danger the better right? 
We are teaching a 23 yr old who is on dialysis. Pobresita but we have this wonderful gospel and she wants to be baptized. And she will. I love my job. It's da best. And don't worry about my bday got me some rocky road and Oreos. But thanks for the thought. I love you and hope you have good week. And stop calling me perfect. 
Love Hna Quezada 

We wake up at 6:30 and go to bed at 10:30 on the dot. Never late!
my birthday was really good. Got to teach rina and Andrea our new amazing investigators. And they have a date for the 20th of April. That made my day. But as well. We had dinner with the rs pres. And #1 it was a very Americanized meal(which was much needed,, and she's not Americanized at all) and she is awesome and then she goes to the fridge and pulls out.


I don't think she even realized how happy I was to see those. And yes I got your package the night before. Thanks the clothes and shoes are super cute! I've almost worn all of them already. My old comps at district meeting were all like new outfit? Cute! It was a really good day.
For this week we had a way better week we found a lot of people and were able to have many lessons. So Maggie who was going to be baptized in March but she is sick. Like dialysis sick and she had a fever yesterday so didn't make it to church. She is so strong. And will be baptized soon. But man poor thing, but even though she didn't have the chance to come to church I was pleasantly surprised but someone else naty and Jocelyn walked and followed was Marco and josue. (Husband and son of naty) 
This family is so special to me and seeing Marco in church, it just made sense. He was suppose to be there. Naty was just glowing. She looked the same way when she was baptized. Excited nervous but knew it was what was suppose to happen. I'm so excited for them. Hna ward and I are going to come back a year from his baptism to go to their sealing. Being a missionary is just the greatest! They also stayed for the baptism(that the elders had) and I sang again. I feel like they would get tired of me singing but nope. But the spirit was strong and the baptism was a true miracle. We are being blessed here in Covina and I know it's because The Lord is hastening his work, daily. 
We also got to take two 16yr olds to a lesson with a less active Carolina, for their mini mission. They testified powerfully and there were tears on both ends. It was really fun to let them teach and watch what power these young people have. Cesar is going to be amazing. I just see the difference in them. They were born later which means they were ment to be in this hastening time. It's a gift to be able to serve. Oh and Carolina came to church yesterday as well.
Me and Hna crow were talking yesterday after someone told us how nothing else should be written besides the bible. And it just makes sense. There was scripture from the beginning of time and then up until the apostles died. Why wouldn't there be scripture for our day? Well there is. The amazing thing is we have the knowledge of the restoration, the truth, the Book of Mormon, modern day prophets. So since it makes perfect sense why are we scared to share it? We have the knowledge so let's come together and open our mouths.
I love this time I have to serve as a representative of our savior 24/7.
Because it has shows me things that I need to change, and how I will forever be a missionary with or without a place but I'll keep my place for as long as I possibly can! Thanks for the birthday wishes. I do feel very loved by all of my friends and family. Your the best. And I am so lucky to have you in my life. Xoxoxo xoxox 
Your favorite missionary,
Hna Quezada 

Well i studied big time in revelation today. It was cool and I got a bigger testimony on the Book of Mormon and bible. And I love that I can say I read the bible and the Book of Mormon equally. I wish I new them better. I have a hard time with memorizing references so sorry. My experience spiritual was with that family coming to church. I had a really spiritual Sunday yesterday.

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