Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Im a Marshmellow!!!!!

Brianna got baptized

This week was good. Brianna was baptized! It was fun. We brought a loaf of bread and pb&j for the kids so they wouldn't be so out of hand. It helped a tad. But they were still a little loco. 

I sang the baptism song in Spanish and English with the added verse. It was cute. Always brings back memories. When she walked into the font she was like "I'm a marshmallow" really hilarious and she was just so excited and happy. And after the baptism Esther her grandma just kept saying "I'm so happy" being a missionary is so rewarding. We are the ones that are blessed. People always say the people are blessed because of the missionaries and that the families are blessed. Which are both true but I am the blessed one. I have learned so much here and I will continue to do so. And I was thinking about what you said about do I ever have bad days. And the answer is no. I can't remember the last time I had a bad day. Because there is no time to think about myself so if I have bad days I am being selfish. There are obviously bad moments (like investigators denying blessings and the truth. Which also happened a lot this week) but the gospel is the same and it blesses the people and it is the only way. So we have to keep going and finding the people who re ready for true happiness. 
Fidel... Matildes husband. Won't be baptized this coming up week. He needs a few weeks. We found out he hasn't been praying. So that means he hasn't received an answer. And he feels that. We are going to work with him more. It was so funny because as we were leaving he said "patience Hermana's" and I replayed back "prayer Fidel". He will be baptized soon. I'm excited for them still. We are prolly going to drop the rest of our investigators they just aren't doing anything. Even though they have so much potential.  We need to move on. There are souls just waiting for this gospel.
I'm excited that you had that fireside. I hope you are using fbook for the reason it should be used. I still have a hard time using it. It's weird as a missionary. But we are teaching people through Facebook and finding people as well. It's exciting to be part of the hastening. 
I hope you know that I love you so much. And that we are so blessed to have each other and as well to have the understanding of the gospel. Hope your loving life like I am. It's such an exciting time. 
PDAY fun we went to ikea. Tehe. So expensive but so cute. Reminded me of home. Xoxox love you
Love, Hna Quezada

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