Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Iiiiiiiiiii LLoooooooovvvveeeeeeeeee THE TEMPLE!!!!!!

Ya sorry about not emailing untill now. But you were right we had the opportunity to go to the temple. Do you know how much I love the temple? 
Iiiiiii lllllooooooovvvvvveeeeee the temple. The new new movie is truly incredible I hope you have seen it. If not go to the temple. And if yes. GO ANYWAYS!! Take advantage of how close you are. Yes I understand it takes some time but make it a priority. Think about all the people waiting for you to go. And if that doesn't motivate you enough. We all need to endure to the end. And going to the temple is part of it. It's just awesome.
So about my week. Went really well. We have lots of new investigators and lots of them are progressing. We do have a phone and the area is getting a lot easier. We don't get tamales much unless it's the holidays and the food I miss the most is prolly mashed potatoes and warm rolls. Anytime I get an Americanized home cooked meal is a tender mercy. Training is hard and good. It is very draining but so worth it. These young missionaries really are way more prepared then us. But Hna crow is so sweet. Her kindness helps me be better. But this week we had a few miracles and funny moments. Okay funny first
So I scratched my neck and we were talking to someone on the street and all of a sudden he says "is that a hicky?" I was so appalled. OF COURSE NOT. EWWW "no I'm a missionary" "I know I thought you didn't do that." Tried to explain awkwardly and then just laughed it off and walked away. EWWW anywho. 
We are teaching a family of 8 and 5 of them are on date. It is a true miracle. We were so excited when we left. The Lord is truly helping us with the work. We also picked up a few more families that have lots of potential.
Also had the most awkward chastity lesson ever. Talk about uncomfortable. usually chastity is so easy and fine but when the person is being a wee bit immature it makes things real interesting. But she is fine and is still preparing for baptisms. 
So something really spiritual that happened was that we sang in church. Nearer my god to thee. Spanish claro but what made it really nice was when I stood up to sing I look out I saw multiple less actives and investigators of ours and of the other missionaries. That's why I am here. We have been working so hard in the ward but we of course could be doing more but I love seeing people enjoy and live the gospel. And today if I could ask my sweet savior something it would be how I could teach these people like he would. And if he could teach me how to teach.
I'm excited to hearing about all the missionaries congrats jenn. And this work is amazing and it. Blesses everyone me. My family. My friends. My ward. The people here. And the future generations to come. I love the gospel and it is sooooo true. Xoxox 
Have a great week. Love you so much!
Love, Hna Quezada 

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