Thursday, April 3, 2014


Love my Mission..........and everyone in it....
K let me lead into this all of Justinas bro's wrote her and told her all about Alecc getting engaged and even her MOM said a few things too..... we thought we were so clever...and this was her response. ahhahahahahaah (no Alecc is not engaged)

Nice try. I don't believe any of you for one second. I probably would have believed it if Alecc led up to it a bit. But I know that he has no girl in his life so HA! Good one though. That's mean you guys. I almost cried and then laughed because it's not true. Rude. I'm mad at you all. I'm thinking about not writing a letter. But I'm trying to be like Christ and forgive and move on and teach more and love more. So you are lucky this time.
So about my little week it's gone good. Maggie will either be baptized this week or the next. She came to church yesterday. And her sister(potential investigator) is going to give us manicures and pedicures. Be jealous. Ha she is asking us to do it for a service to her. Okay guess we can't say no to that one. Shucks. 
And we taught the youth yesterday the new curriculum is awesome wish I had that, but it just shows how much more prepared they are then I was. We talked about comparisons they can make with normal life and the atonement. They are brilliant! And Marco is getting baptized in a few weeks (natys husband) I'm so greatful for the elders and their hard work. They will be sealed forever as a family in a year. And you better believe it that I'm Cummings back! Why are you going to Disneyland without me? 
A funny story was when Hna crow snuck up behind a guy on the sidewalk and said "hi!" And I wish you could have seen him jump. He got into the fetal position five feet in the air. Pretty impressive. I bit my tongue while she tried to contact him I thought it was hilarious. Ooooooooo the scary Mormons on bikes. Love it
We also had a really powerful lesson with our new investigators this week. Her son passed away and she just wants to know if he is happy. We taught a little and she asked what we would be learning the next time. And we said. "Where your son is" she got really happy and set a solid return apt. I was studying for her today and once again I was impacted by alma 40:11-14 in 11 we are told that everyone goes and lives with god before the resurrection and then in 12 it says they are happy! That's all she wants to know if he is happy. How sad is it that so many people don't have the knowledge that we do. That when someone passes away they are with god and they are Ina state of rest. And they get the chance to progress still. Love that we have the Book of Mormon so we can have the everlasting and foulness of the gospel leading and guiding us today.
Also today I was reading a talk and something really hit me. "It's not what we have DONE in this life it is what we have BECOME". people can do many good things in there lives but if we aren't changing ourselves them there is no purpose. It's the difference between a testimony and being converted. Well to truly have a testimony we must be convinced and act. Live what we believe share what we believe and with that we will become. We should not just do things because they are right, we should do them for the right reason. So I will become what he wants me to. The mission will be over soon but it's just the beginning. It's like baptism. It is the gateway to eternal life. I have been learning the skills and becoming what I need to in these months so that I can continue to walk the pathway to stand in front of my Heavenly Father and savior and give them big hugs and them smile because of what I have become. I'm not there yet. Not even close. But I know as I know and declare I will become what he wants me to be.
Love you so much, your constantly in my prayers. Xoxox
Les quiero, Hna Quezada 

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