Friday, February 21, 2014

I LOVE.......................I love being loved by my Heavely Father!!!!!

Quit sticking your tongue out at ME!!!!!!


 Teach. Find. Baptize.
 its so true we eventually need to master all things so we can be perfect in all things! is kinda a scary thought but its true so we better start now!
a few things that I love. I love my Savior. He has truly given me the ability to change and become like Him. 
I love my family and all the craziness of it. I love being a missionary. It is such a sacred privlage to be representing the Lord and finding and helping our brothers and sisters. 
I love the gospel and how perfect it is. I love spanish and the abilit to learn. I LOVE THE SCRIPTURES and the words of he Prophets. I love how we can love and feel it too. I LOVE LIFE!!! i dont know how but I love being loved by my Heavenly Father! and he loves us so much
 I LOVE YOU and Happy birthday too! xoxoxo
Hermana Quezada

So your week sounds sooooo fun. And the pictures are way cute.Ya we have a baptism next week and then one and maybe two after that. I didn't get your package. You have to send it and plan for it to get here Tuesday because that's when we get our mail. So it's prolly just waiting for me in the office.
So fiRST off.. WE GOT IPADS! Oh and let me tell you it has been quite an adventure. I have been very grateful for Hna Covington because she just came from the world and had a smart phone and all that jazz. President told us that we would want to hold on to our planners but we shouldn't we should just use the iPads with full force. (Which is our planner, area book, maps, Facebook, email,, hymn book/ music, preach my gospel, all the books from the church including scriptures Spanish and English, it even has the pamphlets we use during lessons.) anyways when president said this I knew he was talking to me because I love me my paper. I still use my paper at times and I was carrying my paper planner around and IT FELL INTO THE GUTTER INTO THE WATER! And then my pencil ran out of led. If that's not a sign I don't know what is. So still getting use to it but it's fun and exciting. Really convenient.
So we had a cool experience with a less active and her 12 yr old son we decided to stop by to visit her mom( who was in Mexico) so we taught her daughter and grandson the plan of salvation. This poor family is hurting for the gospel and it is truly affecting them. After we explain the three degrees of glory and how we can be with our families forever this 12 yr old had such an energy. He was excited about the gospel. And they both felt the spirit so strong. They committed to church.. Unfortunately they still have their agency and satan is working pretty hard on them and they weren't there... But we were ment to stop by their house and now we know to go back a little more often to help this family return to the happiness they have once felt.
One of their questions was why do we go through hard things. And as I was studying this morning I found something that hit me pretty hard that I want to share with you.
As we put our faith and trust in The Lord we are strengthened and our burdens become light. AND our "faith (will be) immeasurably strengthened by (our experiences) and after (we will enjoy) a special bond with The Lord."
        -elder christofferson 

-this statement is so true. We go through hard things. We are chastened but as we put our faith and trust in him we will be strengthened and learn from our experiences and we will have a stronger and better relationship with The Lord. And as we understand the atonement we become more like him. So we have to go through problems and struggles. Because then we must put our faith and confidence in him we are strengthened, we learn from our experiences and then at the same time this helps us have a stronger relationship and understanding of the savior and his atonement.

I love you guys so much and I'm glad your having so much fun with out me. Ha xoxox have a great week.
Love, Hna Quezada 

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