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Im just going to ignore your title. It really makes me sad to think about the time. hijole.
food, food, food
ON top of the world.....ok on top of a water fountain..hahha
3 little worker you
The week was good and HORRIBLE okay well let start with the horrible. We find this amazing investigator on monday and she is looking for something else. She has been feeling the need for God and her catholic churchs arent filling her. We come in and she feels it. and LOVES the fact that we can ask Heavenly Father questions. so we come back that next thursday, and she sits us down and tells us that we cant come back because it is ruining her marriage. One day she hopes that she can come t our church. But he wont allow her to go to any other church but the catholics... and he doesnt believe in any religion..... I cried and expressed how crucial this is and how she needs this BUT we cant break up families and he would not listen:( heartbreak. and the first one for my trainy too. that was a really hard thing to do. She has our number and we have hers. walked away from that lesson very discouraged. and then the next day we went to our lesson with MAricela (the one that bawled during the restoration and first visoin saying that this is what she needed) and she said the same thing to us. Two very prepared people ready to hear the gospel and change and then cant because of thier husbands.. It was a little rough. So we lost 3 investigators with that one.
okay now to the good. Fidel. Matildes husband is doing so well. He came to church again and he is reading and undersatanding and feeling more comfortable and excepting. its amazing and also Brianna and Jayda are almost done with the lessons and ready to be baptized. We are excited for them. We have sad things happen on the mission but I know that no matter what we have a just God and that those two faithful women will be in Gods church soon.
So that is so exciting to hear about Megan Heaps. I am so happy for her. Making more covenants with God is the only way we can progress. and we get to go to the temple in april. I wish it came sooner.
So we didnt even find out about the superbowl untill saturday night when I was talking to someone on the bus "where are you going?" "to the store to get things for tomorrow" "oh whats tomorrow?" (me thinking sabbath day. sunday dinner with the family) "the superbowl?" "oh" (DUUHHHH) it was pretty funny.
So a little bit about Covina its about half and half americans with half latinos. you will have a few philipinos here and there. But this area is probably one of the nicest(richest) areas in the mission for spanish work. and Pomona ws kinda the trash getto. HA its a lot different. I still miss Pomona Im still getting use to being away from my family. lots of the hermanas email me and it makes me miss them. but i love Covia for different reasons. Yes Naty and jocelyn are here they havent come to church in two weeks which makes me nervous. They arent in my area so I cant visit them and im trying to to over step my bountaries with talking to them. Its hard though because I love them so much. oh we get ipads in two weeks the first batch are here and hna ward was one of the first to get one they are so cool. We are excited about it. its going to make missionary work so much more affective. Are you posting spiritual things on facebook?
Love you tons the mission is awesome flying by. but i am loving every second. I love that I have this opprotunity to be here working and serving the Lord. There is nowhere else I would rather be. Loves
Hermana Quezada

Fidel is progressing so well. We are excited for him. 3 of March. It might be sooner but its pretty solid either way. He came to church again. 5th time Ithink. And you can see the love and happiness growing between him and Matilde. I love the gospel it is just incredible! and we are teaching two of their five children that are really receptive! Besides that we kinda had a slow week. Not too much happening and we are struggling on finding people we are praying for a family that is prepared. I am praying super super hard.
But the big news is WE GET IPADS TOMORROW! we are the first zone to recieve them. But the whole mission will be getting them in these next three days. Pretty crazy the Lord is hastening his work and I lovelovelove being apart of it. (I am seriously chanllenged with electrontic. Hna Covington has to deal with all of the iphone things over here because when we are trying to download the BOM for people I cant figure it out... guess i have been out for a while...)
And a typical sunday is like every other day on the mission we just have the ability to take the sacrament. But other then that it is the same. Teach. Find. Baptize.
So the subject thing and how Heavenly Father knows all of them. I remember when I was taking Physics and I hated it and I was so bad at it. And Alecc said I better get use to it because I was learning the basics so that I can create worlds one day.. But its so true we eventually need to master all things so we can be perfect in all things! is kinda a scary thought but its true so we better start now!
a few things that I love. I love my Savior. He has truly given me the ability to change and become like Him. I love my family and all the craziness of it. I love being a missionary. It is such a sacred privlage to be representing the Lord and finding and helping our brothers and sisters. I love the gospel and how perfect it is. I love spanish and the abilit to learn. I LOVE THE SCRIPTURES and the words of he Prophets. I love how we can love and feel it too. I LOVE LIFE!!! i dont know how but I love being loved by my Heavenly Father! and he loves us so much
 I LOVE YOU and Happy birthday too! xoxoxo
Hermana Quezada

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