Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Have a good week...You know I will cuz Im SERVING THE LORD :)

Love my District.......


training yippeeee
So yet again another transfer is gone and I just want to cry because it goes way too fast. But got some news this week. 

hna Johnson and I are trio training. so we get a newbee tomorrow. I have been praying for her and she is going to be way better then I ever was and she is going to be better then I am now. It is going to be really fun and hard. We have an extra hour and a half of studies everyday.... which means like two lessons short everyday.. but she has to get trained and someone has to do it. and the Lord has in trusted us with this responsibility and I am excited for her to get here. So Matilde is awesome so yesterday we had stake conference (which was a broadcast from Pres Eyring and other elders of the church.) but in stake conference there was a story about a recent convert that got baptized and before she had a year in the church she baptized 14 others. Matilde was talking about this at the beginning of our lesson with her and her husband and daughter.. and says "ya 14 is a lot i can do 6" then she starts counting pointing to her husband and daughter and then talks about the reat of her kids. IT WAS HILARIOUS because Brenda and Fidel were just like.. "uhhhh" and me and hna Johnson were just laughing hysterically. Because it is true they are all going to be baptized real soon. It is just getting a hold of them we have three different apt set up different days of the week with different members of the family. I'm so excited for them.
I am so happy for MEgs too she looked so happy and she sounds happy. I am so proud of her because she is truly taking one of the biggest steps of her life and she will be forever changed. Missions are the greatest and I cant believe chaz is coming home. How sad:( time flies way too fast.  
So we have been teaching Brianna she is 9 and her sister jayda 8. Grandchildren of a less active  long story short this family breaks my heart. and every time we teach them I just wish I could do more. There are 7 children that hna is watching and it is too much for her.. because these kids are crazy! kinda reminds me of us.. just toned down a few notches. but anywho we were studying discipline because they need a lot of it and how it is related to disciple. You should study it. because to be a disciple we need to be disciplined and what does it mean to be disciplined? Lots of things. You pretty much need to be just like Christ. So I was thinking about you and the boys and how we can put discipline into our lives so that we can become a disciple. a true disciple of Christ.
welp love you tons and I hope that you guys have fun watching alll your movies today. booooo any who alecc's friend just got baptized. so GO FIND MORE!
Hna Quezada

So this week has been a lot of fun.. and kinda crazy. We got our little trainy on Tuesday and she is darling she came from the Mexico mtc. blonde blue eyes. funny accent but soooo willing to do anything we say and she just goes for it. Its always a tad difficult for a new
missionary to adjust but she is doing well. So the saddest thing happened to her. the first day we took the bikes out she fell off...and hit hard. She hit a wall with her handle bars and hit the ground really hard. She jumped right back up and was all like I'm fine I'm fine. (i didn't think she was fine) we get to where we were going and she was in a ton of pain. We get to the clinic and they said that she might have broken her elbow. So now she is in a almost cast and sling and no bikes for a while we have to walk everywhere which is kinda hard. We walked 5 miles strait yesterday which was very tiring. anywho
if you send a package she likes oreos. (got your package thanks! chowed the gummy worms) oh and her name is hna Covington. and she is from st George. its been a lot of fun being three. i just love hna Johnson we
work so well together this was a match from heaven companionship. So Matilde got confirmed yesterday and her husband (who has a date for the 2 of march is right behind!) he is really starting to feel it. We

had a really good lesson with them yesterday. and Matilde is sooooo awesome! 
Brianna and JAyda
oh a miracle happened with Mario. We had a lesson about the 10 commandments and sabbath day and he has been praying so that he could get Sundays off. So after that lesson he went into work and his boss
walked up to him and said "this Sunday is the last one you will be working" he is truly getting answers to his prayers and i love being
apart of his journey. He will be baptized in Feb and Brianna and jayda they live with their grandmas Esther. Who is a member she has been less active for over 20 years and she has come the last 3 weeks and

hit and miss before then. The Lord truly prepares people. Its been really fun seeing all the hastening. I feel so blessed to be here on my mission. and i cant ever put it into words.
You all sound like you are doing well. keep it up with school.  and up. 
"i love being a missionary"
 welp have a good week.
 you know I will because IM SERVING THE LORD! xoxox
Hna Quezada

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