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New years was slow here everyone was sleeping and nobody wanted to talk to us but we just worked as hard as we could and we ate more candy. We give away candy and junk like crazy but people keep giving us more and more. One of our investigators works at panera bread and she gives us bread and other sweets all the time she is awesome. Well your new years was missing something ME thats why you didnt have that much fun. haha just a joken but Im sure it will be fun next year.

So matilde will be baptised next week and not the whole family:( we are working on it but I have seen soooo many miracles in this area and we keep finding random less actives that arent on the ward list its really cool and Im excited to start teaching them. I love it here and I just love my companion we get along so well and we stay focused its great. We think we wont be together next transfer because we get along so well. Its fun here I also went on an exchange to east LA this week that was fun. Nothing too different just a lot more latinos and more people in general. well the mission is great is fun is tiring and i get sad everytime i think about how fast it goes. We have a mission wide training this week (which is really odd) its prolly about facebook and whatnot. man and we are getting ipads soon what a trip. Well the work is true go serve someone to make there day! All my love 
Hermana quezada
Talking with the family at Christmas Love you!!!!!

Feliz Navidad   (Merry Christmas)

My new basket how cute....
Hi mom so yes it was great talking to you guys too. and actually the present was there the whole time I just didnt see it! crazy right? Super cute stuff thanks and my district loved the hi chews. Your the best. The basket is darling truely! So The rest of my Chrsitmas was good. We didnt have much work and a few things fell through but it was really good. I got to talk to papa and I was pretty happy about that. We actually talked in spanish for the whole time! It was awesome! I hope you had a good christmas. 
So on sunday I gave a talk in church. On faith and how through our faith we need to act and as we act we will feel and see the blessinings of the atonement. and what can we do to act? pray read study go to church then we ALSO need to share our testimonies and bring others to come unto christ. It is the way we can endure to the end and when we bring others to christ it will make us have the desire to act somemore. I truley am blessed to have the testimony I have the experiences and the time I have on my mission.
I have been trying to get through those letters from all the missionaries and it is really hard. There are so many but I love hearing from everone and truly seeing the change and conversion in all of them. 
Matilde has a bap date for the 12 and I am so excited for her and her family.  I love you and thank you for helping me with this.
Once again not a lot of time but thanks for the love and package More letters less stuff! xoxox Love you so much!
Su hija Hermana Quezada

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