Wednesday, January 15, 2014



THIS WEEK WAS AWESOME! soooo packed with miracles and fun and tender mercies and so many blesssings i cant even begin to tell you. But I will try. So lets start with Maricela. We found her from a randonm referral given to hna johnson and davis before i got here. She told us to come in the morning and then she was going to tell us not to come back but she mentioned something about her husband being born and baptized in that church ( LESS ACTIVE WE HAVE TO COME BACK) we were pretty persistant and got a return apt. She lest us in we taught the restoration and when she was reading the first vision SHE STARTED BAWLING! the spriit was breaking the windows it was so strong. So we returned to teach her son about the BOM and they really loved getting gifts and she has a date in feb she said "I think this is what I have been searching for" as she was talking about the book of Mormon. She is super awesome so after that second lesson we had 15 min to get to the church for matildes interview... which ws about 5 miles away... and its not downhill. Lets just say we were really sweaty and made it in 20 min. AND SHE PASSED HER INTERVIEW. we knew she would. so prepared. So after that me and hermana were really tired and super hungry so we decided to go to ihop to celebrate. And we had a gift card which makes it better. half way through our dinner our waitress comes to us and say "oh by the way your meal hads already been paid for" "Really??" *both of us are in shock* she says "thats what happens when you do Gods work. I was very humbled and a few tears came to my eyes. I am so blessed to be a missionary and I know that my family is being blessed as well.
Matilde at her Baptism
So yes Matilde entered in to the waters of baptism yesturday and it was awesome her whole family came! (nonmembers) and fidel(husband who we picked up on sat) showed me after the baptism the picture on his phone of me hna and matilde and said "thats going to be me next. (as he was pointing to his wife)" 
Matilde's Family
I just love my missionary life. We have been so blessed in this area with so many prepared people and I just love it.
So we had ANOTHER mission training and we are flipping how we do teaching completely and its working and we are going to triple baptisms here and we are getting ipads really soon and sorry i had to delete all of you from facebook. dont worry ill add you again.. maybe.. ahahah
My comps awesome I sing and humm all weird and she jsut laughs at me she hit a fire hydrante a few weeks ago with her bike and leg. she had a pretty good bruise that funny thing is that thats the second time shes done that. I sang at the baptism and she played. We work really well together and its just been a ton of fun im in Ether right now and it drives me crazy how wicked everyone is but that has to happen so Joseph smith can happen.
 i can just imagine Cesar playing bball hilarious! and alecc writes me every week. he is stressed and really busy. write him a letter of gratitude for his example and for working so hard and the boys pray for there needs pray for them by name and the problems you have with them and as well pray with them. Have them pray for more patience as well. The power of pray will always help. 
I cant write my whole testimony because its too long and i dont have that kind of time. BUT CHRIST LIVES and this is His work! 

give amie and matt a hug for me. Tell megan march to kill it on her farewell.
 I love you and did you get my pics off that card????
Hna Quezada

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