Thursday, December 12, 2013


HI MOM,   
Hermana Johnson!!!!!!
Well this week was hard but we deffinately saw many miracles. I was told that I would be leaving Pomona:( I knew it was coming but I was trying to deny it. Im not too far I just moved to Covina so get this. 

We found out that Naty and Jocelyn  are moving out of the ward right? but still close. We thought it was in the Azusa ward. BUT ITS ACTUALLY COVINA!!!!! can you even talk about inspired. O my heavens I just barely found out! its amazing.

 So the goodbyes were hard and there were some tears but I'll be back. and they all said I was going to be transferred back before the end of my mission so we will see. But my new comp is Hna Johnson. she is super nice I semi knew her before. More details later but we are going to tear it up here and I just found out that we ride a lot over here so the basket would be nice if you would like to send it. and we are going to go shopping for tights and gloves so I wont die because it is starting to get really cold. Not Utah cold but pretty cold for over here. We just freeze on bike. That's fun that you did a hymn thing is church. I actually sang in church today with Elder fellows. It was really good! La primera navidad! It went really well. I haven't gotten the book yet but I am sure it is on its way.
A miracle happened with this part member family in our ward in Pomona. So these three kids have been so against the church for quite some time (there parents got baptized 2 years ago.) these children (13,12,9) want nothing to do with baptism but they come to everything and WE GAVE THEM A DATE FOR THE 22nd! truly a miracle then I had to pass it over to two hnas they will get it done so I will be back in Pomona for the baptism in no time.
Good bye my sweet sisters of Pomona
Even though church was pretty hard yesterday I know I am suppose to be here in Covina and I am so blessed to be a missionary. Nomatter what happens I know I am on the Lords side and He will truly guide me! This work is so amazing and to be a missionary is the best privalage in the world. I am loving every moment even the cold ones. I love you so much and I am sending a package soon. Sorry I haven't earlier. Pdays are hard. Les quiero mucho.
Hermana Quezada

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