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 Hi Every one sorry Justinas blog is way late... thank you  for all your prayers and thoughts for her and her mission....She is amazing as you well know. LOve you all.

Biggesst FOOD I have ever seen


Hi mom,
Im glad you like conference it was really good there and definitely gets better every time I think its because I realize how much I need it more and more. Guess im getting older. not too much wiser but whatever. There are a lot of things that I need to work on and a lot of things that are exciting. I'm glad that you realize you need to improve but that you are doing good too. that is the best. Because we all need to improve but it keeps us going to see that we do somethings right that are very pleasing to God and when God is pleased the blessings come!
Conference was even better because in between.. BAUTISMO DE NATY!!!!!! yaaaaa kay the baptism was awesome (I sang again) and she was so cute ready and awesome! So after she was baptized she asked if she could bare her testimony. "claro que si" and she said one of the most powerful testimonies ever! something that really touched me was that she said "Just as OUR prophet explain...." she said OUR PROPHET!!! oh my heavens I was in tears I love her so much and she is just something this ward needs. she really is going to be a great leader in the church. truly converted and has this burning desire to learn more too! INCREDIBLE. 
I didnt get any pics of homecoming and you just sent me some that I have on my camera over here. :( boo for stina. Mama wont send her pictures.
MA good old days. ya it would have been so fun with you in my class. I sat in the front row smack in the middle. I bet you sit in one of the middle rows on one of the sides. Those high school girls. No i never talked just soaked up the lectures and sometimes I would fall asleep. but not my fault you know how busy and tired I was my senior year. But stick it out. Have you made flash cards? I still have mine if you don't want to write them all again. keep going it will be worth it in the end.
Transfers are in three weeks. Kinda crazy. Time seriously flies.
So two things. 
I GOT TO GO TO THE TEMPLE TODAY. and the new video left me in tears. I really needed that. I didn't realize how much I could be affected by that video but wow. it was amazing I just want to go back tomorrow. too bad I cant:( and Sister Jenn Luther was there. Its always such a treat to see my girl from Springville.
Number 2
So hna Ward and I were getting something to eat in between sessions on saturday and we rode our bikes to the habit to get a burger. we were looking at this menu and a guy walks up to us and says "you eating" "yes" "come on" and waves to us to go up to the register. we kind of look at each other and awkwardly walk behind him. "I will pay for anything they want" Mouth dropped I could barely squeak out a thank you. I was so humbled and he was so humble. he payed for us, shook our hands and then walked back to his table to finish with his family. He didnt want any recognition or praise. He just wanted to serve and I will never forget that small act off kindness, I was really taken back. I am so blessed to be a missionary with all these wonderful people.
 I am merely just a girl trying my very hardest to be a tool un instremento en los manos de Senor. and at times. almost all the time I feel unqualified and no bigger or better then anyone else. So why am I so privlaged to be here serving at this time. Beats me. But I am grateful. Te quiero mucho, ustedes estaban en mis oraciones. con cuidado. y tenga dirvetido.
Con todo de mi corazon, Hermana Quezada
ps pulled out the rain coat today. It was poring. to bad I just cant go and play in it because thats really what I want to do. Loves

A Simple Prayer to the Page Family!!!!

Hi Mom,
So yes I am okay. Elder Page was in my zone. just in Azusa which is the next town over. I didn't know him very well but I will never forget that at zone meeting he went around and shook everyone's hand. he was only on his mission for a month. I don't know how many details you know but listen to how amazing this is. So the last I saw him was at our baptism. But on Wednesday he was able to go to the temple with his whole district and they spent a lot of time in the celestial room after the session. and then the next day three hours before the accident. He had an interview with President, where President told him that he was doing a good work. Right after the accident his sweet companion forced his way to give him a blessing. and I was really taught a big lesson on how much love Elder Ostler had for Elder Page. It truly was Christ like love. as they explained that he never left his side.. holding his hand.. and trying to comfort him as best he could. I was really taken back. Brought to tears. I am learning so many things on my mission. Elder Ostler had the chance to talk to the mother of Elder Page and she is truly an inspiration. If she ever reads this I hope you know that your son impacted many lives and will always be remembered. But his mom was on the phone trying to comfort Elder Ostler. How could that even be? she just lost her only son. What an amazing gift this is that the Holy Ghost is the comforter. We are truly blessed to have this gospel and I don't doubt that Elder Page is teaching with his dad who passed away a few years ago. I bet they are teaching the wonderful and amazing plan of Salvation. 
I had the Holy Ghost remind me that that Elder Page did attend our baptism. And we had everyone write there testimonies on a flash card so we had something to give Naty after. So as I was reminded I searched for that flash card that had a simple but powerful testimony on it and at the end his name. We made copies and one will be sent to his mom and we gave one to his companion. We had a memorial service for him last night and the Spirit was so strong. Many hearts were healed and I will never ever be able to deny the love that Heavenly Father has for his children. I feel it over and over again. But through hard things we really will unite and become stronger and I know the work will move forward. I cant express the emotion that was felt last night but I truly love this gospel. But still be safe everyone. Please.
God lives and the Work goes ON!!

So my interview with President was very inspired and I have a lot to do and a lot to work on. But I can feel the work moving forward as we search for the elect we will baptise. Naty got confirmed and she is so awesome! LOVE HER! her daughter is right around the corner we have the faith for this week. She can do it I know she can! Working hard, biking hard, praying hard, and yes I love my mission. I cant say it enough! 
Missionaries have to be safe but please be safe as well. I know life is busy and you rush sometimes but please be safe. I love you way too much! I love you and remember that our Heavenly Father does too! have an amazing week!
Con todo de mi corazon, Hermana Quezada

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