Thursday, October 31, 2013

I didnt get transferred ILOVE POMONA!!!!!!!


hey mom, so if you dont send the box today I wont get it before the transfer  but you get my hopes up with a package and then never send it. thats really mean mom :)  The pics are really cute. Send more send more! sorry this computer I am on isn't sending any pics so none again.
So to answer your questions. Transfers are next week. so we find out on saturday. But I know for sure that Hna Ward and I will not be together. and I feel like i am leaving. So I'm bracing myself because I truly love it here. Alecc is right you get to know the members so well and you grow attached and I havent been in another area so hope all will go well. well duh I know all will go well but ya a tad nervous. But ya. yes every missionary write president every week he feels bad for not responding to your facebook posts but they dont have time. there are pictures posted on facebook . the weather is fresco en la manana y calor en el tarde y poquitito frio en el noche. and it hasnt rained again. but even if it did we dont have time for that. hahaha But yes I am enjoying it and having a lot of fun. 

so yes hna ward and I are laughing this is probably the best times I have had with her. because we just laugh. everything. Every little difference we laugh about it. I have really learned a lot about myself and how to have patience and learn how to follow and not always have to be the one leading all the time. but you know me I do like to lead. and President recognized that. But I have learned a lot and will continue to learn. 
We had a really good lesson with jocelyn. by good I mean EXCELLENT! the spirit was so strong. She started to cry. Yo: "why are you crying" "because its true. I cried my self to sleep every night and I dont do that anymore. I was depressed all the time. and Im not anymore" "so since you know its true what do you need to do?" "keep reading, praying.... and be baptized!!!!" BEST THINGS AN INVESTIGATOR CAN SAY!!! I cant say it enough. I love being a missionary. So there are some complications with her baptism but it will happen. she is ready and its just around the corner. Not too much happened this week but we found some good new investigators. and Every day on the mission I get tireder and tireder. It is really horrible. never anytime to do anything. not even sleep. well not sleep enough. 
The bike is good. Im super out of shape. blah its bad but ya it is all good. if you find long skirts send them my way! strechy is the best! 
  I sometimes wish I could be there for cesars senior year and to see alecc and talk to alecc about everything. I miss my family my bed but I would never trade my mission for my bed. hahahahaa The mission is shaping me into who I want to be and what I know now is even more beneficial to me. This gospel is something I will never let go and I love sharing it and I hope one day The Quezada family will accept it. It truly is the way to true happiness. Sorry this letter was all over the place! I love you so much and have a great week.
Love, Hermana Quezada

IM staying in POMONA!!!!

I never said I was getting transferred. I said one of us was getting transferred. HA and it wasn't me. Pomona doesn't want to get rid of me. and I am okay with that. I love it here and Jocelyn will be baptized super soon and I am glad I get to be here through the whole experience. And I think it just might brake my little heart when I have to leave. So I am here in Pomona with my new comp hna Minchin. She is 26 and from Canada. and ya it was kinda hard to say bye to hna ward. We were with eachother for such a long time and we really bonded like major these last two weeks. I have learned a lot from her and I am excited to have fresh eyes here in Pomona and get work done.
I got the package way cute. Super hellokitty hahaha hna ward loved the cotton candy she was way inpressed with it.
Well everyone sounds good at home. And I am glad cesar is doing everything and being really social that's what makes it fun. 
  I am so happy you went to the temple. Keep going do slack on enduring to the end. It is just as important and anything else in the church like baptism. Because since you have made these convenants you will be more accountable if we don't keep them. and going to the temple often will help in so many aspects.
So this week was kind of slow. Our numbers were really low and we didn't teach a lot which is a bummer because I love to teach. But that just means this week will be better. I felt so bad for my sweet comp. She has been sick all week. And I feel like everyday got worse and worse. Pobresita. We found some families that have a lot of potential and one of our investigators brought a family to church!!!!! awesome right? we were stoked!
Exact honor.. hmmm Being exact is something that I have been trying to do my whole mission. We are often late to appointments:( and at times we fall short. but I honor my God.  I will do whatever it is to be exact. This is His work. His plan. we are His children. and to become as Jesus Christ we must follow with exactness until we make it to perfection. But the perfection process takes enduring and that is why we are here. to learn grow and endure! I am so excited to be a missionary. Still love it. and It is something that I cant describe to you! xoxoxox keep doing good. and have a good week. its raining here and I hope its raining there so you can play in it for me! Love you all so much!
All my love, Hermana Quezada

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