Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Your sunday sounds awesome! It will be nice to just be able to listen and understand everything people are saying in chuch! soon enough. wait so does nate go in this wednesday?? oh wait what MTC?? oh and hows tadd doing???

My sunday was good. we had  a lady come she is only a potential. and she didn't like church and she doesn't want to hear the lessons... but she said she is going to come back to church next sunday... WHAT??? super weird but she might not be ready yet. We had a good week tho and we have a new vision to baptise. so we will. oh yes we didn't move. Transfers came and gone and I am in pomona with hna. ward. We are going to have a bomb transfer. Im way excited. We made this thing called the "mini restoration" love it. It is a super quick restoration and sets up a perfect follow up lesson! the 2nd lesson is the hardest because everyone works and is too busy for the truth!

okay kinda cool. so we were contacting and this guy was like "Quezada? two of my neighbors are Quezada's" "oh really?" sooooooo guys whoes doors we knocked next?? quezada 1 and 2. BUT we had to be sly.. "we were talking to your neighbors and they said you would like to hear our message about Christ" "talking talking talking..." "y como se llama?" "andres" "mucho gusto soy Hna. Quezada" Quezada?? ""somos quezadas" " de veras?" BOOM INVITED US TO COME BACK! love it!
 my last name has come in handdy on my mission. 

#1 everyone can say it 
#2 its the running joke that I cant speak spanish
 #3 if they don't know I cant speak spanish its really easy to trick them in thinking I do!

okay we had the opprotunity to go to Pasadena and go to a baptism of one of hna wards old investigators. Super spiritual. Listening to english primary song made me bawl. It was really spiritual for me.something i really needed. his name was hunter 11yrs. his mom was a less active. They did this together and once he was baptised his mom said "how was that?"
 " I LOVED IT" that is exactly what everyone should say.. We love it! we love this gospel we want to do everything we can to continue to grow in it! that is the purpose of this life. Grow. cada dia! we found a lot of people this week I am getting more and more excited about sharing the gospel with everyone I see. 

Mom im glad you took that question to church that is a perfect answer! keep going strong! you are doing great! I love you so much!!!!! 

2N 31:20 have a great week!

ALL OF MY LOVE! Hermana Quezada

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