Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Spanish is coming surely but slowly.....

Hey so sorry about the not writing much but its hard to remember everything and answer all of your questions.  We study for 3 hours every morning and two of those are with your companion. So one hour is personal study. I hope Alecc is still studying but it isn't like all we do as missionaries is study. He was a good missionary and helped a lot of people.  and you know people love him so of course they are going to want to talk to him. RM's have this big title but they are still normal people. still make mistakes. still have things to work on. LOVE YOU BIG Bro.  He didn't write me this week so i don't know how he is doing. HEY AL ID APPRECIATE A LETTER! now that you have time! (yes got both packages thanks! and are you trying to make me fat?????)

Which reminds me of a funny story. so last night at dinner Hna. Rubio asks me if I have been losing weight... (WHATS THAT SUPPOSE TO MEAN WAS I FAT BEFORE???) not losing weight not gaining weight. just living the life of a happy missionary! yes we get fed a lot almost everyday. and the food is so good. I love it! nothing too crazy though but it can be pretty spicy WHICH ROCKS!

Okay we had a great Noche de hogar a noche como nuestro barrio. estuvemos in charge. It was the tree of life so we blind folded them and they had a holy ghost(one of the missionaries) and tempters(the smooth talkers in the ward) we placed their hands on the garden hose to follow the "iron rod" and I said "soy el espiritu santo. Necesita algo pidame" Literally moments I said this the tempters would just say "this is a better way come with me" one by one they let go of the rod and never asked for the help of the Holy Ghost. so sad on how this is so true. So I have two really good experiences with this. One of the youth got tricked by the tempters and she was almost into darkness and she stopped walking and in a soft voice, "espiritu santo? donde esta?" I then helped him back to the rod and she made it. So many times we get lost and in the times we need it the most we ask. in prayer for the guidance and the ability to find the rod again. So powerful. the second one I want to tell you about is when I was guiding the bishops son. He asked who I was once. and I told him. He followed the rod very well. But never asked me for guidance. He came to a split were one side was the rode and the other just looked like it. he didn't know which one to pick and the tempters where working on him. He never asked. I hear his mom in the background. "misionera ayudele" but I couldn't he didn't ask. He didn't make it to the tree of life. I went and talked to Hna Olvera about how I couldn't talk to her son because he never asked me. It really touched her and me. 

How do we feel being the family members of people that fall. We are begging for the Holy Ghost to help them. But it starts with them. We have to ask. and I talked to Gio about how he felt. He told me He thought I left him. So as people are off the path they feel alone and abandoned. But in reality I was there the whole time waiting for him to ask. After the activity we went into the chapel where the tree of life was and we had a powerful testimony meeting. 

I am so grateful for that experience. Super incredible! I am so blessed to be a missionary! We found four promising people this week. pretty excited about that! I love you all transfers are next week so I hope I stay in Pomona! Kinda scary. 
xoxoxoxoxox Love you alll soooooo much!
Love Hna Quezada


Love you too. I am so blessed to have a wonderful family and friends! thanks for being my mom. now stop crying and go serve someone. grab kiki make some cookies and go give them to someone! xoxoxx have a great week!!!

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