Wednesday, August 14, 2013


cute little Mia (we love hello kitty soooo much.)


Ya sorry about the pictures the computer I used last week would let me send any. And the picture a day thing is a fail. But I at least take one once a week. Its really hard to take a pic a day (mainly because I forget and we do the same things every day) so it would mostly just be of our faces a whole bunch of times. and that's not super fun to look at. and the tic tac thing I don't do that either. I didn't need to with my first set of companions and now its too late to start with this one. Hna ward is a good missionary. We have a lot of good times together and we are both motivated. oh the clicker...  your week sounds fun. repelling.. Texans.. trafalga.. nickel city.. sports of course.. 

My week was crazy. we lost 4 good investigators this week. one was an English pass off. one moved. one dropped us because he doesn't have time because he just started school. and the other Steve.. remember him. ya broke my heart he told us pretty much he isn't ready to give up some things. :( estoy triste. You put your heart and soul into it and then they just reject... its hard but we also found two more this week that we are excited about.

so last Pday we went exploring and found this buddist community. It is like on top of a hill in the middle of the city. I felt like I was in a deserted capitol from the hunger games. It was crazy. super strange. So Its like a buddist charity thing. really odd. kinda cool. but tad bit strange and you cant eat meat there...... interesting... okay I loved yesterday...
Nobody came to church.. BUT we went to YW. 5 girls in there whole mujeres jovenes. we talked about the temple. they asked us to share our experiences with the temple too. The spirit was so strong. made me miss the ward. I cant express enough of how much of a blessing the temple is. It is my favorite places in the whole world. No matter who you are what you have gone through of what you are doing right now. EVERYONE should prepare to go to the temple and continue to go. There are so many women in this ward whose husbands aren't members and how it breaks my heart that they are missing out on blessings. Don't settle and always look to the temple. The spirit was so strong and there were many tears. I feel inadequate day in and day out but when the spirit is with me I can do it. That is something I have been working on. getting the spirit to think through me. and it is hard. harder then you would think. 

I love being a missionary...Ruiz family
Thank you for the support. All I want is letters. I love you all so much and thanks for being my family. keep doing good. I'm trying to be a good missionary. I fall short a lot. but I am trying. hope all is well and have an incredible week
con todo de mi amor, 

Hermana Quezada

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