Wednesday, July 24, 2013

WOW how the time FLIES......and ALECC is home wowzer.....

Looking for new investigators :)
So crazy Alecc is home. Seems like he is adjusting back to his old self. On that computer with his music. Does he sleep a lot? because I think that is something I might do. Because as a missionary you are always tired! OH MY I was so tired this last Saturday we played a soccer game against el barrio de Chino por tres horas! era horrible! but we won 4 to 3. there were a lot of investigators there too! which made the tiredness so worth it!
 I cant imagine how alecc is feeling right now but ya give him a break. He loved those people for 2 years and now he gets thrown back into the world. eeeeckk not excited for that one. But he looks good. fun pics! I hope all goes well this week and the picture thing wasn't my idea it was a lady in our ward. Way cute family they are actually moving back to Utah soon. I love all the people in our ward so much. It is a love I cant even describe. Hna Ward and I were talking about it yesterday. I just want to do everything I can to help them and I can never do enough. It is super interesting on how much people trust missionaries. I love my job. All I do all day is talk to people about the gospel and how it can help there life no matter who they are.
This week was tough lessons wise but we have great potential. We should be having a couple bautismos these weeks coming up. I just wish everyone would be willing to listen because if they listen with an open heart the spirit will testify and they will feel of the truth. The world is so bad and I hope everyone can feel of the goodness of God.
Sorry not too much happened but yes it is super hot here. I hate walking by swimming pools with everyone laughing and playing.. But to our advantage people feel bad for us and give us water which gives us lessons most of the time! Pomona is great and we will be working even harder this week! I love you keep going strong because even when you feel weak you have the Lord which nobody can beat! xoxoxox
Hermana Quezada

My kind of riding a bike.....hahahaha

 We aren't doing the web thing yet. Which I am grateful for because I don't know how to do normal missionary work yet. But I guess I will never know how to do normal missionary work because it is always changing. With every person. So I cant believe that Alecc comes home. and that's good papa is coming. I'm really glad to hear that. Please send pics. It is killing me. Well actually I don't really think about it besides Pdays. Life is too busy over here to be soooo focused on me. Whenever I get down I have to realize that's satan. So Our Heavenly Father picks me up 2n 4: 20-21. no funky food just great latin food. I love the food. And I love the salsa. Pero no se si es major como la salsa de mi mama. You have pretty good salsa. There is this guy in nuestro barrio and he reminds me of Papa and he brought his own salsa to a NDH and he was sweating it was so hot. I tried some... HOT! Our living conditions is in a members house that keeps everything spotless and never turns on the AC.. Nights (like last night) I don't even get in the covers. She is super nice. Widowed really young with no kids I feel so bad for her:(
Don't really have a fav moment. Prolly after a lesson where you can see progression. Or when I see Maria continuing to progress. I love her! The Elders are great. Reassure alecc that I'm not flirting and not wining and I am working really hard while respecting my leaders. feet hurt sometimes. but I have been very blessed with a back that is pain free. I don't know how or why but it is a miracle.
Okay funny story. We have been working with steve and the WOW. which is tough and we texted him to read the bullet points on page 11 and 12.. He texts us "I cant find them". We double check in our pamphlet "yep its 11 and 12". "there are no bullet points on pg 11 or 12 in the Book of Mormon" AHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHA HE WAS LOOKING IN THE BOM! super funny. So when you invite someone to do something do it clearly! We are working with his belief in jose smith y el libro de Mormon. He will get there. We should have a baptism this sunday. This work is so great and the love God has for His children is even greater then anyone can imagine. I love you so much and give alecc a hug from me. Tell him that I'm sorry for not being there. but I know he would rather me be out here. xoxoxox go do something great!
 Spanish still stinks but getting better.

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