Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Happy 4th of JULY (2 emails into 1)

It is so good to hear from you all and I am glad the fam reunion went well. why weren't there many people this year? just super busy? I know everyone is growing up and all  but they are the family reunions SUPER FUN! thanks for the pics I love seeing them! so something that I wish I could have on my mission is my family. I thought I knew the purpose and I thought I have loved you guys before but ya my whole perspective has changed. I don't talk about you much because it is hard for me. BUT you guys rock and Alecc comes home so soon. That blows my mind. I cant believe that. 
But saul is not getting baptized in this month unless a miracle happens. but STEVE he is the one preparing for baptism. His date is this Sunday but we will see. We dont want to baptize just to get a baptism. We are here to convert for life so as we do so if he needs more time to prepare we will give it to him. But we have been promising some big blessings and he really is progressing. 
Something crazy that has happened that really isn't funny but is not really common. is we have almost gone through all of our potential investigators, former investigators, and our menos activos part member families. So for finding we will need to start from almost scratch. We are working really hard. And I cant describe on how much I love our barrio. These members are so humble and have taught me so much! I love my mission. Oh and Maria our recent convert is great. She is the best. I wish her husband would jump on the wagon. Hna. Ward and I are good. She is awesome. She never sises to amaze me. I kinda compare her to an older version on brooklyn barrus. She is super tough but has a sweet testimony. I love working with her. I am learning a lot from her. 
As for a story so on the 4th I ate bad chicken at our ward bbq and that wasn't fun we attempted to pass out cards at a parade. and at the end of the day we finished it off with poppers so that we could feel a little bit festive. Missions are great. I have been really pondering prayer this week. one of my favs to share is 3nefi 18:18-21 i might have shared this with you already? oh well twice the blessings! 
Kaisa man thats nuts. Ya he was one of my teachers in the MTC well not my direct teacher but ya we worked really close with him and he helped me probably the most while I was in the MTC. Super weird. Hermano Snyder and my lil kais. Well good for them. he is a great guy... weird.. I love you so much and this church is so true so go spread it. xoxox con toda de mi corazon, les quiero, Hermana Quezada

Way to make me cry. I love that you had such a good experience at trek. Man the womens pull. Man. that is some power. One day I will go on a trek with my family. that is really neat im glad you had that experience. super neat. Isn't the Lord incredible. how those people could do that. and as you said in your letter, you cant do it alone. and we are in a spiritual trek right now. The world is getting worse and worse and we need to be those righteous saints that pull with all of our might. And as we do so start putting people into our handcarts and pull them until they can pull with us. I'm so happy you experienced that because. I can feel the spirit so strong as you write about it. Did ces get to see bodil? I hope so that is another thing that I want to do when I get back.
CONGRATS MEGS. that's crazy. Who knew there would be Cantonese up there. Super crazy. I was hoping she would be speaking Spanish. Oh well. I am so happy to hear that she decided to serve the Lord. It is the best thing. I love it. all day everyday you talk to people and help them come unto Christ. What better way to live your life!
Hna Ward is great we dropped off Hna Crawley this morning. That was bitter sweet I love her so much! but yes Hna Ward is awesome we are starting to click more and that will improve our teaching and finding more. She know a little bit more Spanish then I do but we will make due. I hope to be so much better by the end of this transfer. Oh I gave a talk in sacrament meeting yesterday. That was fun. It was short I was the last speaker so I only had like 7 min. The Spanish wasn't perfect but it came from my heart. Ces went in with no notes either just some powerful scriptures! but im not as funny as you!
Steve and Saul came to church. Saul was a shock! But Steve told us he feels like he will be ready by the 14th! LOVE THE PROGRESS he is going to be amazing in the church! I love you all so much. Letters are the best gift! xoxoxox give everyone my love at the fam reunion! xoxox
con amor Hermana Quezada

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