Monday, June 24, 2013

The new broadcast super sweet right??

So yes the new broadcast super sweet right?? I dont know much about the electronic stuff yet but im pretty sure we will be using way more. ps make an account and be a missionary there is so much work to be done. But we are going to be a test mission to not have any cars in the states. I'm wicked excited. you know what that means... MORE MISSIONARIES AND SMALLER AREAS. which means the work is going to become rapid fire. it wont start right away but im way excited. I might be needing a bike. I'll let you know. so I hope you realized the main message of the broadcast. This isn't just missionary work for missionaries. The missionaries are here to help the members with their work. So the members need to be finding and inviting because the age is changing the more affective way to convert it through the members. without the members missionaries are nothing. I really mean that. I hope that broadcast inspired the members like it inspired the missionaries. CES there are so many nonmembers in high school go find them. Make it part of family night. Get Preach my Gospel and get to work. This time is short and we need to help people recieve the best gift in the world the gospel. I'm excited to see the new changes it is going to be exciting. 
So this week was nuts. on tuesday Hna Lapierre got a call telling her she was training. This means one of us was getting transfered. so all week I stressed and stressed and then on Sat. HNA  CRAWLEY GOT HER VISA she leaves next monday and then that night we got a call. I am staying in Pomona and Hna L is leaving. Then the stress came again who in the world will be finishing my training.?? I find out it is the girl hna L trained right before me. She is only one transfer ahead of me AND her last transfer was in English work.... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH she has been out for a little over 4 months and me only 3!!!! SUPER NUTS her name is Hna Ward she is from logan and I will send pics next week. It was hard to say goodbye to hna L. but this transfer is going to be crazy! trust in the Lord will have a whole different meaning.
 the Spanish is Okay. President gave me some encouraging words but it will come. I just have to keep working. and I cant believe you got the eyelashes SEND A PIC! 3Nefi es la mejor!  enserio nada es mejor que JesuCristo go back and read those chapters again. my favs are prolly 11 and 18. 17 is good to. That whole book is amazing. I have a new love for the LDM I cant even tell you. I thought I liked reading the sctiptures before. NOPE even more not. I wish there was more time to study because there is so much to learn. 
Yes package recieved thatnk you! and we are aloud to listen to other stuff besides hymns but I would love the jenny phillps cds NO EFY too upbeat. 
Love you sorry if my thoughts are scattered Im writing letters too and I'll be sending a package soon! xoxoxox
Con amor,
Hermana Quezada

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