Monday, April 7, 2014

my challege is to read the BOOK OF MORMON by July 1st with me.......

thats my name thats my name thats my NAME

 And I got my nails done. I have an acrylic with a hello kitty bling bling. These nails have some serious need to get use to. So the reason I have them is because we have been trying to teach this one girl ffffoooorrrreeevvvveeerrrrr but she is always busy. So she said. So she needed to practice on someone's nails. So I let her do mine and it was perfect! I got to talk to her and Hna crow got to talk to her boyfriend Guillermo. And we had no idea how much that was going to help. We came back the next day to teach her sister but she wasn't there so we taught them instead. Before we even started Connie goes. "Guess what? He read in the bom last night." The verse he read was an answer to his prayer! Alma 42:30 they pretty much have a testimony of the bom. We taught the restoration. By the end of the lesson they were both in tears. It's amazing how God prepares people. So I was prompted strongly to give them a date.... The 27th... Of April.. And they accepted. Which means. WE ARE HAVING A WEDDING! I love the, so much and we have really been showing them the vision of getting married in the temple. Love it! They are so ready. 

hello kitty ......what else.....

my favorite place

Your little joke was cute. BUT I'm too smart to fall for it. But if it was true I probably would have cried.... Meanies 
ummmmm gooooood
Slack lining w/ the elders on Pday
yes that is me!!!!!
All I can say about this week was wow. It was so fun. So crazy. So awesome. GENIAL! So on Tuesday we had the privilege of going to the temple again. But this time it was with all the leaders and president and sister becerra. (So all the sister trainer leaders and zls) and waking up at 3 was worth it. Kinda reminded me of the good old days in high school when I would leave the house at 5 to go to the temple every Tuesday. But the temple was great. There was a moment I was sitting there and I closed my eyes and there was complete silence. Complete peace. And I was testified to again that this is the true church and that god loves us so much. I was such in peace there and wanted to go home just so I could practically live in the temple. But once again the work is too important. But it was really neat we had a devotional with the temple president and he truly opened my eyes to some new things. We could ask his questions about anything! It was awesome. That is an experience that I will never forget and one of the most memorable experiences on my mission.
Okay kinda a funny story. Sweet Hna crow gave our new investigator Juan a hug. Habits die hard. We walked out of there laughing. Whoops mission probs. 
okay so Marco. Natys husband Jocelyn's dad (my recent converts) totally getting baptized! Probably next week. It has been so fun watching there progress. And in a year I will get to come back to see them sealed in the temple! So awesome! He got a blessing to stop drinking coffee and he wanted to test God so he bought a beer and went to his room and opened it. Put it to his lips and a force came over him. So he dumped it down the sink. THE CHURCH IS TRUE! GOD IS THERE! Super awesome. I'm so excited for them! 
So conference was good. It was really good to see all the peeps from Pomona. I love them. Favs were monson. Holland. Ballard(get a preach my gospel and study it). Bednar. And linda s Reeves (you should go back and read that one. It was soooooo good) I learned a lot like always but I know I can learn more. Just like king Benjamin in the book of mosiah we must read it again and study the words. Because they are truly from God. So it would be foolish if we don't. Oh and our mission is reading the whole bom before July 1 for our new mission president Villanueva. You should do it to. And did you hear? President Becerra got called as an area 70 we allll freaked out. He is going to do great. He will probably be the prophet in a about 30 years. But over here the mission is great love it like always. And I'm strengthened daily for what I know and what I learn. It isn't my work but it is his. So I will do all I can do be his instrument for the rest of my life and forever after.
Have a great week! Loves
Hna Quezada 

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