Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Canadian money ...WHO KNEw!!!!!!!

Canadian Money!!!!!    who knew!!!!!

ya we have a few meals set. but I dont think enough to make me puke. I have been suuuupppeeerrr full before on my mission and then had another meal right after. that really stinks. But I usually just ask them to take some home so I can eat it later. No I didn't get your other letter either. prolly this week ON THANKSGIVING TOO!!!  Hijole. and it sounds like you guys are just busy as ever. Don't forget to tell me where logan is going. Punch him for me and tell him to write me. That punk. Okay I actually have a few things on my christmas list. scarfs. skirts. tights. cute beanies. but if not thats fine. (PLEASE FIND THIS BOOK ON AMAZON and just address it to me please "Breaking out of Beginners Spanish" by Joseph Keenan)
THIS WEEK HAS BEEN SOOOOOO COLD! (and everyone laughs at us because im from utah and she canada which is way colder. So we have been working freezing and in the rain. hahaha got to love the mission life. So we Have been working really hard and its like up and down But we will start seeing miracles real soon hear. My companions Spanish is getting better. My energy is so high right now I hope she can catch my flame! The Lord is hastening his work in so many ways. I have been hearing about so many miracle stories. And Im sure I will see some big ones real soon.
We actually taught primary and made them think and write down everything they are grateful for. I did it myself and I really have too many things. 
I really wanted to thank you for the support. (And can you tell papa I got the letter and thanks and Im writing soon. ) but thanks for teaching me what I needed to know to be somewhat prepared. I still am not prepared but I have the desire and that carries me through and I try to prepare like the savior would so I can better everyday and improve the work everywhere I go!
We are finding a ton of people on the bus! I love the buses. and I really got a lot of comfort from hel 10:4 and 5 this week. (replace your name where nefi's is) The mission shapes people. I see changes in me everyday so that I can help these sweet people here. They all need this gospel so it just rips me apart when they reject our message. They are rejecting our Savior. and it really stinks. But with every 2 no's there is a yes! which makes missionary work soooo exciting! Transfers are coming and im getting nervous again. :(
I ALMOST FORGOT!!!!! WE STARTED TEACHING NATY"S HUSBAND! it was amazing. So he walked in and I was all like "Hermano! Tengo una pregunta." "a ver" "vamos a ensenar su familia y quieramos ensenarle tambien, despues la comidad." "okay" "regresara en 15" "si" WHAT! okay so I was fully prepared to go and knock on his door if he didnt come back in 15. BUT HE DID! he had questions and wants to listen. He told us that he knew this wont be easy for him but he is willing to try! Amazing! I am so happy for this family. He will be baptized and they will be sealed! awww I just love being a missionary!
HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!  I love and miss you all.
p.s. oh and we played ultimate today. it reminded me of the good old days.   love you ....Hermana Quezada

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