Sunday, June 29, 2014

Faith in the Lord means Faith in his timing

I'm glad that everyone is going on missions! It's awesome! And the talk by oaks is so cool. The one that talks about resurrection and creation and the keys. It's awesome. Don't worry about the hand I get an MRI tomorrow and we will see from there. 
So this week was all over the place. We didn't have many lessons because they all fell through.. Like allllll of them. We rode around in the hot sun. And laughed a ton! Bit I have a few stories I want to tell.
#1 faith in The Lord.
We were talking to a lady from the English ward and she was complaining about having 6 missionaries in her ward. What she said really impacted me. "Why are they sending so many missionaries to our ward" "because there's a lot of work to do" and then she said something that really took me by surprise. "Well it's not going to do any good. This ward isn't going to grow" what little faith. I wanted to share this with you because it isn't little faith in just the missionaries, the ward, or the area. But the hastening of the work is directly from the prophet of The Lord. Which means you don't have faith in Him and his servants. Point is that we need to sustain our leaders and have faith in them. Because by listening and following their words we are listening and following the savior. And our savior is moving his work forward and if we don't start running we will be left behind. Like the 10 virgins. We have to fill up our oil NOW! And we have to help others to the same! Or the doors will be shut to the party we all want to be in. 
#2 faith in his timing
Like I said all of our lessons fell through this week. I don't know if it was to give me more patience. Or to see if we would endure to the end. Or what but was showed again that is is his work. Not mine. I want these people to progress so much and it doesn't move at my pace. It's on him. This is his plan and he knows. All we can do is just follow the prompting we receive and do our very best. We will see miracles this week I know it! 
But we also had a mission conference. It will be the last time we see president and sister Becerra. Talk about sad. I cried. I have so much respect and love for them and they have helped me so much. In ways that I can't say. They love me like I was their daughter and I will never forget the advice and council they always gave. I have been so blessed as a missionary. Everyday I thank The Lord for my time here. It's too short but it was critical for my life and for my future family

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Love you
Love, Hna Quezada 

as cute as these pictures are they came upside down but that is my girl......very unique even a bit crazy love her and all her imperfections.....(upside down pictures) she is pretty perfect in my and miss you sweet girl

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